I am not a creative chef, an inspiring home decorator, or a master of words. I can't promise perfect pictures or a blog that is always grammatically correct.  What I can promise is to be honest and hilarious (at least to myself).  I love to learn and I try to be the best mom that I can for my sweet kiddos. 

My vision for the blog is a journal of our journey together.  I don't expect to be the next "it" mommy blogger.  I just want a creative outlet to keep my sanity and to save my poor husband from my hours of talking when he is trying to sleep.  My sister and parents may be the only people who read this and that's okay.  When I talk to them on the phone they probably only hear every third word because of the noise so at least they will get the whole story now!

I know having a blog will motivate me to take more pictures and it will keep my mind sharp while I wade through the sea of laundry, diapers, homework, and messes.  Mommy needs this!