A Day in the Life

I think I might be able to say "I'm back".  I didn't intentionally take time off for the blog but summer just happened.  We were busy and exhausted by then end of the day.  At least I was!  I let myself off the hook this summer and instead of staying up every night making food and researching and what not I just read.  I think I read over 50 books this summer.  It was wonderful!!

But now I am way behind so I wanted to do a brief catch up on the kiddos.  I thought with Buddy the best way to explain him would be to give you a glimpse.  This was today:

 As we were getting ready to head out the door for Bunny's preschool I got an email from Boogie's teacher saying that there would be a birthday today.  (Translation: I needed to get a gluten free snack over to the school before 2:30. )  I started to load our stuff in the car so that we could swing by the school on the way to preschool.  

As I was loading, I called my friend to make sure she had heard as her daughter is also gluten free.  I was talking and trying to catch the little monkey that was climbing into my front seat at the same time.  He kept giving me the slip but FINALLY I got him buckled in and we headed off for the school.  The boy is freakishly strong for 2. 

When we got there I realized that because I was distracted on the phone, I did not see that Buddy's sandals were not in the car like he swore they were.  This meant that I needed to carry him (along with Bunny) all day starting with walking into the office.  Just to make sure we were all having fun Buddy decided to empty his entire water bottle on himself during our ride over.  So we went in soaking wet and trying really hard to see the humor.

That is my son.  He is a real life Dennis the Menace.  His curiosity gets him into loads of trouble.  When he is tired he doesn't get whiny....he gets naughty.  He has me on my toes more than any of his siblings before him.  He is very challenging.

And yet, he has the sweetest heart and the BEST smile.  He always asks for Bunny when he is not there.  He notices when one of the kids from Bunny's preschool is missing and worries about where they are.  As much as he is naughty he is hilarious and charming.  It's impossible to stay angry with him.

He started preschool a few weeks ago.  Just one day a week but he loves it.  I thought some big boy time would be good for him.  I was worried he would miss me too much.  He has become my little momma's boy shadow this summer.  We talked a lot about "mommy always comes back".  He is VERY excited to see me when I get there and he has a great time.  It's perfect.

With Bunny in preschool for three mornings a week, we get to spend lots of time together.  He is my little buddy and I am cherishing this time and am so grateful I get to soak him up by himself for a few hours.  Much of the twins life has been a blur so it's nice to slow down and see them as one little person.  I think it's also good for our relationship because it's easier to enjoy his mischievous ways when I only have him to watch.

And that's my boy in a nutshell.  Wild crazy and charming.