School Boy

This was a big week for my Bunny Bear.  He is now officially a preschool boy.  It was a strange week of adjusting for all of us but I think it's going to work.

On Monday, Buddy and I went with him and stayed the whole time.  It's 2 hours on Monday and 3 hours on Wednesday and Thursday.  Bunny wasn't super interested in the other kids or activities but I'm hoping that will come with time.  He didn't look around for me or seem upset when I wasn't with him but when I sat next to him I got a big smile.

I was surprised that the kids at the class were completely different kids than the ones I met 2 months ago.  I was originally very happy that Bunny would be in a class of non walkers so he wouldn't get trampled.  Imagine my surprise when we show up on Monday and not only are there a few more kids but they can all walk but one!  I think it will be okay though.  They have one on one for the kids the whole time.  There are also two other sets of twins which I love.  All of the kids are very sweet too. 

Tuesday we dropped him off.  It was so weird for the three kids and I to not have Bunny with us!  Buddy kept asking where he was.  But we survived and so did he.  We got big smiles when we picked him up. 

Signing "Mom"
I also met the therapists this week and I especially like the OT and think I like the other two.  All of the teachers and helpers seem to genuinely like and care for the kids.  I hope I will get a few more chances to go with him to class so I can observe more.  It feels weird to drop him off and then have no way for him to tell me what he did in those 3 hours!  I feel cheated of moments!

I feel like he is on the verge of some major breakthroughs. He is picking up speed for sure.  He pulls to stand on anything with a ledge for him to grasp.  He can now 4 point crawl with just one of my hands to support his belly (Before I also had to wedge his legs because he likes to "tripod").  His signing and speech is really taking off.  He signed "Mom" for the first time this week.  He now signs "Please" (been working on that forever!)  Tonight when I was singing "Slippery Fish" to him he did the "Oh no!" motions and said it without my prompting.  I also heard a "Little Star" last week when we were singing "Twnkle Twinkle".  He is also putting two signs together like "More Water". 


Last week he started hitting his head with his hand at random times kinda hard and poor Daddy was freaking out.  After watching when he was doing it, I figured out he is trying to sign "star" or "sticks" and sometimes "mom" I think.  It seems to be his default sign for things he can't quite do or has forgotten the sign for.  Pretty funny!

I am glad I went with my gut on this one.  I think the preschool is perfect for him right now.  He seems to be wanting input and the preschool gives lots of it!  I am pretty sure I have already been red flagged as an overbearing mom because I told the nutritionist that we see that I was shocked and appalled when the kids were offered candy at snack time.  She was also shocked and works with the OT.  It was pretty obvious to me that something was said because on Monday I got a very long explanation for why they might give candy.  I told the OT that if they want to make suggestions about textures to me I would be happy to find a healthy substitute for him.  Oh they are just going to loooooove me!!  Ha!

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