Big Boys

I think this was April
3months later

People keep telling me that Bunny looks so much bigger recently so I decided to take a picture of the boys in their chairs like I did a few months ago and see for myself (very scientific I know).  Look at the difference!  Bunny's head is so much higher in the chair!  He looks so much more mature too.  The first picture was only 3 or 4 months ago!

I will be the first to admit that the hair plays a part.  The first picture was right after haircuts.  Daddy and I decided we like their longer hair better.  We need to trim up the sides desperately but it's one of those things I avoid because it costs money and is not very fun for any of us.

I wanted to post this picture too as example of the glimpses  see of their twin brotherness.  They look alike to me here even though Buddy was a face shaped more like Baby (and me) and Bunny has a face shaped more like Boogie (and Daddy)

Incidentally, they were not depressed or having a terrible time.  I think Buddy was pouting because I was trying to take his picture and Bunny was mesmerized by the moving ground. It is pretty fun that I can put both of them on this swing now.  Bunny may not be able to hold his balance as well but that boy can hold on like a bull rider!!

Love my boys!


  1. The DO looks so much bigger! And I love them with long hair:) I totally can see their brotherly resemblance. When I look at my boys, I can totally see that Ben has Ds but also that he and Colin are brothers!

  2. Not only is he getting lots bigger, but his personality is shining through in the pictures even more than before. They are beautiful boys, and God's gift to each other....they're really so blessed to have each other. I love that!
    love, Aunt Ruth


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