Update on Bunny

I don't have any adorable pictures of Bunny to share but I want to give an update on Bunny's IFSP and the changes we are making for him in the next 2 months.

First of all, the IFSP meeting was really hard for me and I kept it together for the meeting but then cried in the parking lot.  I knew what the dumb tests were going to say but it was still hard to read.  Bunny's gross motor and fine motor levels are at about the 10-12 month range.  His speech is also around there and his cognitive is closer to his age (26 months at time of testing) at 19 months.

Gross motor wise, Bunny has 2 issues.  He really does have low tone.  When he was a baby I thought his head was going to roll right off of his neck it rolled back so far!  He is also hard to motivate.  He doesn't really want to work hard to do things when sitting and watching us do it for him is so fun!

For fine motor his main issue is throwing!  Oh how I loathe throwing!  He has been throwing for a long time.  I have to sit next to him during all his meals because he throws food if it is more than he wants in his mouth.  So frustrating!  He thinks it is way more fun to throw the hoops at OT than to "put on".  And he knows he is doing it and CAN put on but he wants to throw.  So that's a hurdle.

I really don't know why some times it is harder for me than others.  I obviously see the difference in him and Buddy everyday.  I KNOW he is behind but sometimes it puts me in a major funk.  I know he is who he is and will do things when he wants but I wish it was easier for him.

I think part of my issue this time was nervousness about our new plan.  We are going to have Bunny go to the preschool for toddlers with special needs in July.  My social worker has been pushing for this forever and my answer was always "No way!" but something in me changed a few months ago and I decided I should at least check it out.

I went to the preschool with the boys and I met the other kids, who are dolls.   I liked that EVERYTHING was a teaching lesson and there was lots of signing.  The kids seemed really happy too.

I think that Bunny needs things to be shaken up a little.  I think throwing him in a new environment where other kids are closer to his same level might be a good change for him.  Another thing is that Buddy is a tornado.  I spend a lot of my day chasing Buddy and Bunny is happy to just sit and play with his toys so a lot of the time that's what happens.  I think it will be good for him to have a teacher constantly expecting things from him.  Plus it will be good for Buddy to get some time to run free at the park where I can give him my full attention.

The downside to the new plan is that I don't get to keep Bunny's current therapies.  I believe I could fight this.  I think he more than qualifies.  There is a PT, OT and ST at the school but I personally don't think that it will be anywhere the same as him getting individual therapy every week.  Plus, I like to be in the therapies so I can do things at home and since I can't bring Buddy to the school everyday I won't get to see what's going on.  At this moment I just plan to see how things go.  I don't want to do anything other than the preschool this summer because I don't feel it is fair to the other kids.  Their whole summer shouldn't be carting Bunny to therapy.  We do get to have a separate speech therapist.  She happens to be my friend and she has kids my kids age too so it's kind of a win for Bunny and the rest of the kids!

And honestly...the more I thought about it the more I decided that part of Bunny's problem is a lack of motivation and I can't change that for him easily.  Maybe he will love preschool and make the leap himself.  Or maybe I will have to reevaluate and go fight for him.  I am prepared for either.

In the meantime, he has been surprising me with new things.  He grabs the spoon from me when I am feeding him and puts it in his mouth.  This thrills me because he used to just throw everything off of his tray.  He sat there for a good 10 minutes the other night with a spoon and his yogurt cup without throwing.

He has been crawling over to the couch and attempting to pull up when we put a toy up there.  He is so close!!!  I usually need to put his leg out for him so he can push up with one leg/foot but he will sometimes put his own foot out now.  Tonight he pulled himself up in his crib without my help!

He has this funny thing he does that I call breakdancing.   He goes up into quad then spins over into sitting.  Repeat repeat repeat until he has spun around the room.  It's hilarious.  But...he has made some attempts to 4 point crawl during the quad part.  And he will now crawl when I hold him up with a towel at the middle.  So we are making progress!  Before he would lay flat the minute I tried to lift him up.

This boy is definitely giving me lessons in patience and endurance.  Two things I completely suck at.  He also reinforces to me everyday that I am his momma and I know what's best for him!  I really do think we are doing the right thing here and I hope it pays off.  My back will be much happier!!


  1. Great update! The preschool sounds perfect for Bunny! Ben attends 1 morning a week and loves it!

  2. That preschool sounds great. Sounds like you're doing a great job too. I thought Kamdyn would never crawl nah ds and knees! But she did. Bunny will get there : )

  3. I think the preschool does wonders, it did for Nolan! Well, he still doesn't walk, but his fine motor and self care are almost typical- really did a ton for that! Mainly because he had to learn to sit at a table and not get down and eat and play, etc. Now he is 1000 times better at a table then in a booster or high chair- he likes to feel like a big boy and it helps a ton! Hang in there mama, I have no patience either and this walking thing may be the end of me, as I thought for sure by the time he was three, :(, when am I going to learn there are no "for sures" in life! :)


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