It has been HOT here!  In our area it usually cools down to the 70's around 7pm even on the super hot days so we have never missed an air conditioner but we are in the midst of a MAJOR heat wave and as I type it is just finally at 75 (it's 11:00pm).  As I was laying in bed last night sweating and trying to fall asleep I decided we needed to skip church and hit the pool today.

The pictures are not from today but they are cute and on topic

Our local Y has an indoor pool which is muggy but at least I don't have to worry about Bunny turning into a lobster.  I had already told the girls I would take them to the outdoor aquatic center but I wanted the boys to have a chance to cool off too so all of us packed up and headed to the Y for a quick swim.  I knew I could never manage both boys myself even in the kiddie area and I have been dying to get Bunny in the pool for therapy.

We had SO much fun!!  I don't really have to worry about the girls there because the whole pool area is somewhat shallow and they can both swim.  The kids area is super shallow and has a slide and squirting water features.  The boys were in heaven!  Daddy and I had permasmiles the entire time because we were having so much fun with the boys.

We ran home for lunch and to put the boys down for a nap and then the girls and I headed for the aquatic center.  We had never been but knew it had a kiddie area, 2 water slides (Boogie is obsessed) and 2 huge pools to swim in.  The place was PACKED.  I knew it would be which is why I chose to go to the Y with the boys.

Boogie immediately got in the waterslide line while Baby and I worked on her swimming.  I had Baby swimming last year when we had our above ground pool but she is nervous when she can't touch the bottom so I have been wanting to practice with her when I am there so she can gain confidence.  It's hard to practice in a pool jam packed with people but we made do.  She can now tread water and will swim around in areas she can't touch the ground in.  Success!  Of course we will keep practicing!

Boogie surprised me today.  She has always been somewhat timid when it comes to trying new things.  She usually wants me by her side.  First, she walked right to the line of the waterslide and then waited in line by herself while Baby and I hopped in the pool nearby.  Her little face coming out of the waterslide was priceless.  She was so proud and having so much fun.  We both went on the waterslide later while Baby waited for us at the bottom and the girls got quite a kick at seeing Mommy ride a waterslide.  Waterslides were always my favorite thing!

Later I suggested we go check out the other pool.  It is 13 ft deep and most areas are for lap swimming but they have 2 small sections for rec swimming.  The areas are next to a high dive.  Boogie saw the high dive and begged me to let her try it.  Again...this is my timid child!  So she stood in line with a bunch of teenage boys and waited for her turn.  I could tell she was getting nervous as she got closer but she climbed right up.  I stopped myself from yelling "jump way out!" (being forever traumatized by the Greg Louganis incident) and just watched her.  She walked right to the end and jumped off like a pro.

When she came up for air she had the BIGGEST smile on her face!  I was SO proud of her.  My little girl is getting brave and I love it!

Fun time was definitely had by all today....especially mommy.  I am exhausted but in the very best way!

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  1. Ben doesn't like swimming:( Looks like you all had a great time!


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