Kinder graduation has to be one of the sweetest things. Well, the kids are sweet.  The parents blocking the aisles with their huge cameras and video cameras are just plain obnoxious.  I might have said that loudly once or twice during Baby's graduation.  Yes. I brought my camera.  Did I take 20 pictures of Baby getting her diploma and stand blocking the aisle for 20 minutes before and after? NO.  Get a grip parents!

Ahem.  Off of my soapbox. 

I am so so proud of the girl.  I have to admit that I was worried last summer.  I wasn't sure that Baby was ready for kinder.  Her birthday is August so she is a young one and her maturity level was still pretty low.  Boy did she show me wrong!

I warned the teachers that she was not like big sister and that they would have their hands full with her but she proved me a liar.  Not only did she never get her fish dropped (their consequence system) but the teachers were always telling me that she was the only child behaving that day.

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when she got the citizenship reward but I was!  My darn kids have broken my hard heart because I teared up like a big old baby I was so proud of her!  The citizenship award is the big deal award at their school.  It was the only award for the kinders and 2 kids from each kinder class were chosen.  Even big sister didn't get that award in kinder (she got it in first grade).

On a funny note.  One thing that surprised me about Baby this year was that she was suddenly aware of boys.  She has been aware before but in a "I don't like boys" phase which lasted until her brothers were born and I told her she better knock it off.  Then she went through a phase where she told me she was going to marry Buddy all the time.

This year she made a "marrying list".  She decided that there were 3 boys (2 by the end of the year) that were worthy of her affections.  Sadly, she takes after mommy and set her sights on the class bad boy.  In fact they sat Baby next to him halfway through the year because she was the only one who could handle him.  Baby told me she was happy because she could "stare at how handsome he was" all day.  Oh my lord. 

The boy to the left of her in the picture told her that he was going to marry her. (I believe he was the one dropped halfway through the year) She told me later than she was going to marry the other boy but maybe he could be her boyfriend.  I think we'll just go ahead and lock her up now!

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  1. Congratulations Baby! Stay away from the boys until you are older:)


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