Better than Holland

As my friends who are parents of a child with down syndrome (or other disability) know, there is a poem out there called "Welcome to Holland".  Go ahead and read it and come back if you have never read it.  It is a sweet poem and honestly it did give me a little comfort when Bunny was born but then it grated on me a bit.

I am a realist.  Or pessimist.  I like realist.  I think that this essay is a more fitting description of the journey.  In all it's hilarity, this one still caused me to tear up a little because that lonely part of me that feels like no one understands saw that this lady DEFINITELY understands! 


P.s.  I know my last post was a downer and I am better now.  I hate leaving something sad and depressing on the top but I haven't had a chance to post again.  I am not still wallowing in case you were wondering. 


  1. Love the article! For us, some days are still Italy, some are Holland, and when everyone is crabby around here I feel like I'm in a blizzard in the Antarctic!

    1. Lol! What hit a chord with me in the second post is the frantic trying to figure things out. And all the people saying something different. Plus my experience is with having twins so for me I really did feel like I was thrown out of an airplane! ha ha


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