Ugly Nature

I am really glad the girls and I had a chance to explore the creek the other day because two days after we did the flowing creek was suddenly 2 pathetic puddles of dying creek creatures.  Literally overnight.  Gone.  I have actually been pretty upset about it and maybe slightly obsessed.  How does a flowing creek turn into a dry creek bed in two days? 

I went down to the puddles with the girls on the night it happened and it was seriously heartbreaking for me.  Crawdads, fish, millions of minnows and tadpoles were frantically trying to survive.  We may have adopted two bullfrog tadpoles and a few minnows because Baby's bleeding heart and my own couldn't take it.  I prepared the girls for the fact that they may die but they were going to die anyway so at least we are trying.

This week the boys and I walked down by the creek (me walking, them in the stroller) just because the whole thing is so curious to me.  I haven't found my answers yet...some city employees today didn't even know what happened..they had stopped to see if they could find the turtles.

I have been getting good exercise though and loving our mild weather.  I even managed to take some of my favorite kind of pictures today.  Ugly nature.  My dad always took pictures of flowers.  We used to make fun of him when we found a box of old pictures because 90% of them were flowers.  Well what will my kids think when they pop in a memory card and discover a bunch of thorny weeds?

Oh and vultures...lets not forget the vultures....

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