Time with My Girls

Yesterday the girls had a half day at school.  The weather was mild and beautiful so I decided to take advantage of the fact that Daddy had one last day at home and took the girls to the creek to explore.

I have noticed when I drive over the creek that a turtle has taken up residence in our creek and loves to sun himself on the rock when things are quiet.  Unfortunately, by the time I have picked up the girls, a million kids have walked through the creek and scared our timid friend away.  We walked up very quietly yesterday and got to see him for a second before he swam off into the water.  Then we watched him swim because I LOVE turtles.

Once he disappeared for good we headed down to the water's edge and just explored.  We saw tons of minnows and a million dragonflies.

Frisky Dragonflies

Although the girls were not supposed to be in the water, they couldn't resist walking near the big tubes.  We watched for a minute, and then realized that the bigger fish were jumping in and out of the water!  We probably watched for a good ten minutes while the girls squealed with delight (Baby) and out of fear (Boogie).  I took a good 30 photos and finally managed to catch a fish in the air, albeit blurry.

I had so much fun!  I live for this kind of stuff.  Boogie had me laughing as she truly is a walking encyclopedia.  She had a factoid for each creature that we encountered.  She is just like her Pa.  Baby reminds me of myself with her fearlessness when a goal is in sight.  She almost ended up in the water a few times.

I have to post a picture of my very own Pippi Longstocking.  Note the ruffled socks...at least I could spot her a mile away!


  1. your pics of the dragonflies are amazing! I guess the dragonflies are amazing! such brilliant colors. Fun you got to have some play time with the girls, too.
    Love Gigi's "toothless" picture!
    love Aunt Ruth


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