Ready! Set! Race!
 I keep getting polite reminders from family members that I haven't blogged in over a month.  I sigh and say "I know. I know.  I just can't get to it.  This week." or "Believe me..you do not want me to put my thoughts on the blog right now!"  And "this week" comes and goes and still nothing is posted and I am still grumpy and "venty". (Not to be confused with my favorite word...Venti)

Bunny's first ride
 My twins are two.  Need I say more?

Good thing he's cute!
Oh but there is more!  I also have a child who seems to have an allergic reaction to gluten that manifests itself behaviorally.  Do you know how hard it is to convince a child not to eat gluten?  Do you know that it is even harder to convince others (including your spouse) that something as innocent as gluten could be causing this behavior?  Fortunately, I have said spouse and said child in my camp of believers (party of 3) and we are being very careful and trying really hard to get to the bottom of things

Always ready to pose
Speaking of said spouse....after 5 years of working at a fairly dangerous job with no injuries he decided to crush the bone on his right hand ring finger.  Just as the right hand was almost healed I got another call.  This one was much scarier.  He got a metal rod THROUGH his entire left hand.  A big gaping hole.  Fortunately, no bones were broken and no nerve damage but he is out of commission for awhile.  I am officially done with the bad phone calls thank you.

Daddy trying to smile but in lots of pain

I joked around that I was close to a nervous breakdown BEFORE his injury.  Oh boy...

Lights AND mirrors AND motion?  Bunny's dream!

The funny thing to me right now is this....I thought our life would be so hard because Bunny has down syndrome.  Do you notice he has nothing to do with the things making life tough right now?  Well technically, yes, he is part of the whole "he is two" thing but we all know that it is not Bunny who is the terrible two poster boy don't we?  (maybe not everyone knows but if you have spent any time with me and my family in the last few months then you KNOW!)

Baby's first time at the beach.  She is 5.  Mom FAIL!

Bunny is definitely a stubborn two year old who has decided he doesn't need therapy or like anything I want to feed him but he doesn't call me names or try to give himself a concussion 20 times a day.  He is just his delightful little self.

The diaper wedgie kills me

I thought in the hospital that I wanted to go back to my "easy life" and steer clear of the future hard life but at this moment, down syndrome has nothing to do with its challenges.  It is amazing how living through two years can give you a completely different perspective. 

I have never been accused of being a Pollyanna.  If Pollyanna had an evil stepsister who played the "mad game" I would be her.  But I am forcing myself to try to look at the bright side of things (like hey...Daddy can't lift babies but I can run out and get my hair cut while they nap because he is home!)  I do love blogging and I got one of those comments that make it all worth it in the midst of my pity party so I promise to try harder to get some non-evil-step-sister of Pollyanna posts up here every once in awhile.


  1. Hooray! I've been checking every day, for....we won't say how long, because we know! :-) Love your perspective on stuff, and seeing your beautiful kids and hearing all the news! Thanks for taking the time to post!
    love, Aunt Ruth

  2. Don't feel badly. I think it's been 8 months since I've last posted on my blog. 4 kids keeps you busy! And didn't we take Baby to the beach once, or maybe we were pregnant? That counts, right? :) PS: we have that mustache cup and I love it! :)

    1. We were pregnant with Baby and O. Which traumatized me! ha ha!!

  3. Waiting until 5 to take a child to the beach is NOT a fail. Some people NEVER see a beach! (I understand, it's a little more convenient for you than many people, but still, give yourself a break! She wouldn't have really remembered before 5 any way! Just pat yourself on the back that now she has been and you are doing a great job!)

    I still crack up too at the diaper wedgie! Hugs, AJ

  4. So glad your hubby is okay! Ben is also super stubborn!!


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