The Birthday Boys

We are having some family issues right now that are draining me of all energy.  So I apologize for my lack of blogging but I just can't find it in me to get a post up.

However, some very special boys had a birthday this week so I had to log on to post some pictures.  We had a quiet family party this year and the boys got gluten free brownies and homemade ice cream for their party.  Poor Bunny was up for hours so hyped up because the boys rarely get sugar!

 Speaking of sugar....I tried to bribe them with lollypops so they would take a decent picture.  It backfired.

 Yum.  Happy boys with their lollies.

Toss. (Bunny is a thrower)

 We're two!
 Look mom.  I have a lolly!

 Wait.  Brother where is your lolly?

 Don't worry!  Buddy to the rescue!
I'll take that!

And it went like that over and over.  Buddy couldn't stand the fact that Bunny was without his lolly and insisted on retrieving it for him EVERY time!!

So I gave up and just let them play.  Bunny was happy to model for me.  Buddy was not.

 I love his crinkly eyed smile!

 The famous surprised face!

 Love his long eyelashes

And my favorite pouty face.

I won't go into how I have cried in front of random strangers this week because my babies are two.  Let's just say it is hitting me hard that I will never have babies again.   BUT we are on day two of weening and things are starting to look up.  Mommy can now take a vacation and she definitely needs one!!


  1. I love all these pictures! They are truly beautiful 2 year old boys! so cute to see their personalities shine thru their pictures. You're such a good mom, Shar....I know it's bittersweet to have them not babies any more. Even after all these years, I miss having a baby to snuggle regularly (you know this about me). Baby therapy is a very special thing! :-)
    Love you all!
    Aunt Ruth

  2. Happy Birthday to your boys :)

  3. Their so adorable!!! I think we should meet up in Arizona and lounge by a dreamy pool..... :-) Meet ya there!!

  4. Happy, happy birthday sweet boys!!!!


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