Communication Explosion

This has been a great week for Bunny.  His communication has been making wonderful progress!!

Before I weened him I wanted to make sure he could sign drink so we worked really hard on that and he showed no interest and then one day last week he spontaneously signed "drink" to me when he was sitting in his highchair.  I of course clapped and shouted.  He of course loved that.

I think that Bunny has also been repeating a lot of new words.  I miss a lot of them because they aren't clear but I know for SURE that he now says "kisses" which is followed by lip smacking.  If I say give mommy a kiss he does not need visual prompting he just leans in and kisses me.  It is too cute!! 

He has also been saying....drum roll please........MAMA!  I have been waiting so long for this one.  He has really been a stinker about it.  He will say it when I am not looking and when I get excited and ask him to say it again he gets a coy smile and giggles.  He is a tease!!

I swear I also heard "water" today. 

Today I gave the boys a bath and when I was dressing him he was whining so I asked if he was cold and signed cold.  He signed "cold" back at me!!  I made him repeat it a few times because I was so excited.

It amazes me that in the midst of transitioning because of daylight savings time and no more mamma milk that he is just chugging along.  I thought this week would be a lot harder for him and I am pleasantly surprised!

I am going to figure out 5 new signs to really work on the rest of this week because I feel like he is ready and waiting to communicate!!  (and I will appreciate less yelling)

**The boys shirts are for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day which is on March 21st (3-21).  The 3:21 also represents the third copy on the 21st chromosome which is what causes down syndrome.  You can purchase the shirts here

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