Communication Explosion

This has been a great week for Bunny.  His communication has been making wonderful progress!!

Before I weened him I wanted to make sure he could sign drink so we worked really hard on that and he showed no interest and then one day last week he spontaneously signed "drink" to me when he was sitting in his highchair.  I of course clapped and shouted.  He of course loved that.

I think that Bunny has also been repeating a lot of new words.  I miss a lot of them because they aren't clear but I know for SURE that he now says "kisses" which is followed by lip smacking.  If I say give mommy a kiss he does not need visual prompting he just leans in and kisses me.  It is too cute!! 

He has also been saying....drum roll please........MAMA!  I have been waiting so long for this one.  He has really been a stinker about it.  He will say it when I am not looking and when I get excited and ask him to say it again he gets a coy smile and giggles.  He is a tease!!

I swear I also heard "water" today. 

Today I gave the boys a bath and when I was dressing him he was whining so I asked if he was cold and signed cold.  He signed "cold" back at me!!  I made him repeat it a few times because I was so excited.

It amazes me that in the midst of transitioning because of daylight savings time and no more mamma milk that he is just chugging along.  I thought this week would be a lot harder for him and I am pleasantly surprised!

I am going to figure out 5 new signs to really work on the rest of this week because I feel like he is ready and waiting to communicate!!  (and I will appreciate less yelling)

**The boys shirts are for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day which is on March 21st (3-21).  The 3:21 also represents the third copy on the 21st chromosome which is what causes down syndrome.  You can purchase the shirts here


My Life in Pictures

There is that smile!

The Birthday Boys

We are having some family issues right now that are draining me of all energy.  So I apologize for my lack of blogging but I just can't find it in me to get a post up.

However, some very special boys had a birthday this week so I had to log on to post some pictures.  We had a quiet family party this year and the boys got gluten free brownies and homemade ice cream for their party.  Poor Bunny was up for hours so hyped up because the boys rarely get sugar!

 Speaking of sugar....I tried to bribe them with lollypops so they would take a decent picture.  It backfired.

 Yum.  Happy boys with their lollies.

Toss. (Bunny is a thrower)

 We're two!
 Look mom.  I have a lolly!

 Wait.  Brother where is your lolly?

 Don't worry!  Buddy to the rescue!
I'll take that!

And it went like that over and over.  Buddy couldn't stand the fact that Bunny was without his lolly and insisted on retrieving it for him EVERY time!!

So I gave up and just let them play.  Bunny was happy to model for me.  Buddy was not.

 I love his crinkly eyed smile!

 The famous surprised face!

 Love his long eyelashes

And my favorite pouty face.

I won't go into how I have cried in front of random strangers this week because my babies are two.  Let's just say it is hitting me hard that I will never have babies again.   BUT we are on day two of weening and things are starting to look up.  Mommy can now take a vacation and she definitely needs one!!


Phone Photo Dump

There are a million reasons why I haven't blogged in almost two weeks.  The MAIN reason is that we got hit with a fast and furious stomach flu.  Buddy got it first and I thought we had escaped a family epidemic but three days later it came back with a vengeance.  As in the other three got sick in the middle of the night at the same time.  My kids have a talent for unison barfing.

Thankfully, it was short lived and we were back in action in two days.  Unfortunately, we missed a few appointments and managed to rack up mountains of laundry and it took me all week just to catch up.  Such is life when you have kids right?

Thank God for camera phones.  Here's a quick catch up.

I found this awesome foam set at our local consignment store.  I dragged Grandma over to see it and she agreed that Bunny "needed" it.  My home gets a step closer to resembling a therapy center every day.  Both boys love the set and we have had lots of fun with it. 

Buddy is obsessed with being outside so we have been spending a lot of time in the backyard this week.  Bunny loves to sit on the big wheel.  I'm trying to teach him to move himself around on it.  He's such an observer but I want him to be able to explore too without having to crawl all over the cement.

I need to look at this picture whenever my denial starts to take over.  The boys are still my babies in my mind but this picture is evidence that they are anything but babies.  *sniff*  8 days until they are 2!!!

Our new afternoon routine is that Buddy gets to go outside with the girls once their homework is finished.  They love to play with him and I get to make dinner in peace.  I can see and hear everything from the kitchen.  Glad I insisted on that feature when we were house hunting!

I was heart broken when Bunny got sick the night before his appointment with Blind Babies.  I have been worried about his eye sight for awhile because of some unusual things he does.  They were going to come and asses him for 2 hours before our eye appointment Wednesday with a new ophthalmologist.  We missed the assessment but I dragged us to the eye appointment.  I was feeling bad but I have waited 3 months for this appointment and we weren't going to miss it!!  Of course the Dr was running 30 minutes late.  Fortunately, I bribed with my keys and a stale bag of crackers I found in the diaper bag.  Desperate times!

Bunny has astigmatism.  Basically we have to wait and see how much his eye site is affected and at some point he will need glasses.  It's frustrating to me that he may not be seeing things well right now and there is nothing I can do to help him but I know that he needs to be able to tell us what he can and can't see so they can get his glasses right.  At least I know that I was right that something was off.

How I wish I could send the kids to school!!

We got spoiled this weekend and got to go to Five Guys (my favorite) two times in one weekend!  In order to stick to our gluten free diet, Boogie and I had our burgers bunless.  They wrap the burger in lettuce leaves.  Although it was crazy messy, I actually think the burger tastes even better this way.  Boogie told me she would always eat it this way from now on. (I will post an update about our eating adventures this week)

What a week!  I'm hoping this week is a little calmer.  Here is two videos of my boys to end the week.

This is one of my favorite videos of Buddy to date.  He's jumping on the back of an old basketball hoop.  There is a hole where you fill the base with sand but the cap is gone (we inherited it with the house) so it just collects rain water.  When he jumps on it a blast of air and water sprays him.  He is saying "Splaaaaaash!"

This is Bunny swinging at OT.  This was the first time his teacher wasn't on the swing with him.  He did a good job!