Walking Weather

We are staring to see glimpses of warm sunny weather.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  I love when the weather is just a bit cooler but catching the golden rays of the sun feels so good! 

The kids beg to go on nature walks as the weather warms up and I happily oblige because nothing charges my batteries like walking in the fresh air on a trail off the beaten path.

The girls and I explore while Daddy pulls the wagon.  Following in my Father's footsteps, I point out anything interesting along the way...a small flower, an interesting beetle, a vulture that looks ready to swoop down and snatch a baby.

I'm not sure we will be able to keep Buddy in his wagon for much longer.  He wants to be exploring too!  We may have to find a trail with less water and more flat area in a few months.  Buddy is pretty fearless.  He would be in that water in no time flat.

As long as the wagon is moving, Bunny is a happy boy.  He loves to just observe.  

The girls collect sticks along the path and when we get to an area where I feel like it is safe for them to go down to the bank they are released to run free and through their sticks and rocks.  We occasionally spot a duck or two which sends them into a frenzy. 

Just like their mama, they love to explore and find little treasures.  Baby brought a bucket with her on this trip so that she could collect special things and also so she could sketch as she was inspired.

We even discovered a new path that was lined in trees.  Even though we could see (and hear) Daddy and the boys on the main paved path it felt magical and like we were in our own little world.  We spotted a red squirrel eating a nut and that made the girl's day.  Boogie made up a whole story about how we were three lost girls looking for food (of course).

On the way back, Baby stopped every five seconds to ask someone if she could pet their dog and every ten seconds to "sketch".  She is my little eccentric one.  Her pant leg was pulled up because she had skinned her knee earlier in the walk due to sketching while walking.

These trips often times end a little crazy.  We push it too long and the kids are tired and hungry.  We don't stay long enough and they complain.  Someone wears flip flop (ahem) and they have sore feet.  But I still come home happy and recharged.  I know before long the girls will be opting out of the "nature walks" and it will just be me and my boys so I am going to savor them and all their eccentricities while I can.


  1. I love the pictures of the girls down by the pond, the way the light hits the water is beautiful.


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