My Valentines

My hot dates for yesterday.  We went on a nice long walk since the weather has finally decided to warm up!

Buddy was waving to all the neighbors and then being a big old ham when I got the camera out.  He reminds me SO much of my little brother.

Bunny is not quite back to his normal self.  He has a nasty cough and I think his mouth is still hurting pretty bad because he does not have his usual hearty appetite.  But he loves being outside!

Now who needs a Valentine when you have a twin brother?  I let Buddy out of his seat to walk some energy off and he insisted on pulling Bunny.  He was simultaneously charming all the older ladies out for their morning exercise.  We create quite a stir when we go out!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I had two little boys for my dates too:)


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