He's Mine

When I was pregnant with my children I spent hours thinking about what our kids would look like.  Would they get my eyes, Daddy's nice olive skin, my nose?  I have always loved that part.  Seeing how the genetics unfolded and made this perfect little person with a little of me and a little of him (well it's mostly all him for my kids!)

When Bunny popped out with his reddish blonde hair I thought "Where did he come from?"  And I know it is superficial but it has always bummed me out that he doesn't look much like any of us.  I think he kind of resembles Boogie in his face shape but their coloring is very different.  He is by far the fairest in the family.

I've read that children with down syndrome look more like their families than other children with down syndrome but in our case it's just not true.  Bunny looks like himself.

BUT....he started doing this a few months ago and I knew without a doubt that my genes were in there somewhere.  I sucked my thumb and twirled my hair far past the embarrassing point.  And he has the same technique as his Uncle..my brother.  The short hair makes it hard to twirl so it's more of a pat.

Even though his thumb sucking might cause some parents distress, I know it will pass and I think it's pretty cute.  I love that I can finally see a resemblance!

Oh and the mullet he is rocking in this picture also resembles a haircut Daddy might have had in his teens.  Wish I had THAT picture to share!


  1. Sharla, this picture of you is Giancarlo! Just cut the hair and there he is!

  2. I think Bunny totally looks like your family! Yes, I see Down syndrome but I see you too!


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