Being a Detective

Poor Bunny had a rough weekend.  The croupy grumbling sounds that started last week (with no mucus. weird) turned into a fever and deeper lung sounds on Thursday.  I took him to the Dr right before they closed but she couldn't tell without an x-ray what shape his lungs were in because of his loud upper respiratory noises.  She told me to watch him friday and take him for an x-ray if he needed it.

Friday I thought he seemed a bit perkier so I decided not to take him because I know I tend to be more paranoid about Bunny and I didn't want to overact to a common virus.  I didn't really relax though.  My nerves were on high alert all day.

During the day Bunny fell back and hit his head on our brick fireplace.  Take about stress overload.  He was fine thankfully.  Scared me half to death though.

Then one of the girls jumped/stepped on him when he was sleeping on the family room floor.  I might have had to apologize for 2 hours for the words that came out of my mouth.  Again he was fine thankfully. 

All weekend I watched him like a hawk.  He was miserable and whining whenever he wasn't on Motrin.  I thought it was aches.  I don't usually give my kids anything for fevers that aren't that high but he seemed so miserable!

By Sunday he was breathing really fast and I just couldn't take the stress anymore so Daddy and I changed our date night to include urgent care.  That Dr listened to his lungs and thought they sounded bad enough to warrant an antibiotic shot (my worst nightmare but I know it was necessary).  He thought without the shot we would be in the ER later in the night.

He recovered pretty quickly so I suspect that he wasn't quite to the pneumonia stage yet BUT he kept whining and having times of screaming.  He had a follow up appt with his pediatrician and he thought his lungs sounded good and told me he was probably just feeling off.  I KNOW my son and he never cries.  He yells when he is angry (or scared of cookie monster) but he never just lays on me and whimpers.  It reminded me of this.

On Tuesday night I was so worried.  I was racked with guilt thinking that when his sister stepped on him she damaged him.  Multiple times during the day I checked out his body poking and prodding him but he seemed fine.  Then I checked his teeth thinking that maybe he had an impacted tooth or something. 

Every time I put my finger in his mouth he screamed.  I asked Daddy for a flashlight and discovered that he had a huge sore on the inside of his mouth.  I suspect that when he hit his head he bit his cheek.  Suddenly so many things clicked into place.  He had refused his applesauce earlier after a few bites and got really really crabby after I fed him baby oranges (Poor guy!  I might as well have poured acid in his mouth!)  He was also hitting at his face throughout the day.

I quickly called my friend who is married to a Dentist and got advice to help him.  Bunny has been sleeping like a baby every since.  To say I have relaxed is an understatement!!  I was SO worried about my guy!

Tonight we looked in his mouth (which is a dangerous job with his razor sharp teeth!) and his sore looked a million times better!  SO hopefully my happy boy is back for good!

I really do feel like a detective with this guy.  I feel bad that he can't tell me what hurts.  He must have been in so much pain this weekend.

On a side note, the urgent care Dr was kind of a dinosaur.  He was sweet to Bunny but kept saying "these kids this, these kids that" and on and on about how their health can be compromised and I so I had to make a point to report to him that at 23 months (on the dot) that night was Bunny's first urgent care visit for anything unrelated to his boy parts ha ha.  I am SO thankful for Bunny's good health!!

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  1. Poor Bunny! Ben has a had a few falls too and few eggs on the head. I'm glad Bunny is on the mend! We are also so thankful for Ben's health:)


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