A Love Story

I read this story yesterday and was so touched.  What a beautiful story about finding your true love and perfect fit.  I was especially touched because Bill reminded me a lot of Bunny.  Bunny already has an intense love of football.

I truly hope that Bunny finds "his Shelley" one day.  I loved how the story talked about how they complemented each other and how they went to counseling so that they could learn to be better partners.  Sounds pretty typical to me!

I also loved Bill's chivalrous attitude towards his wife.  He sounds like a loving husband who is kind and very protective and loving to his wife.  If we are talking about goals for our children, in my top wishes are that my sons are good men who make loving husbands and fathers.

If you have time give it a read.  It truly is a beautiful love story.

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  1. love this story- thanks for sharing, melts my heart and gives me hope for our boys too :)


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