Thinking Things Through

Here is a tip for expectant twin mothers:  You must ALWAYS think things through!

Today I got a call from the school.  Baby's teacher was asking if she was getting hot lunch because she had no lunch bag.  I had a flash in my mind of Baby jumping out of the car at drop off and I remembered her backpack was unzipped.  I found her lunch bag in the car.  So off we went to deliver it.

I was hoping for a quick drop off in the office while the boys waited in the car.  When I got to the school, the parking lot was blocked off and I had to park on the side street.  And then I realized I didn't have the double stroller in the car.  I decided to put Bunny in the Boba and let Buddy walk.

It was fun because Boogie was on snack break and she was quite surprised when she recognized us walking along the playground.  Buddy was having a great time feeling like a big boy.

As we were walking back to the car I realized that Buddy was having a little too much fun and that he wasn't going to like being strapped into his car seat again.  I was wearing Bunny so I had limited movement.  I made a quick attempt at putting him in and he freaked out.  I had to stand by the car for a few minutes realizing that I totally screwed myself because I had no way to get both boys in.  I couldn't leave Buddy on the sidewalk while I strapped Bunny in (his side was on the street).

In a moment of genius I decided to put Buddy in my seat real quick while I strapped Bunny in to his seat.  He had a great time as he loves to pretend to drive.  Then I had to wrestle him into his seat for 10 minutes while he screamed and all the kids on the playground gawked.  My boy is FREAKISHLY strong.

So moral of the story.....always think things through to the end! 


  1. I can imagine you weren't laughing at all when this happened but you've made me laugh! My cousin has boy twins and she has lots and lots of stories like this!

  2. I think that has been the hardest part of twins for me is I really have to plan everything! I think sometimes it is much easier that one can't walk yet but then when I am having to carry him and hope the other one doesn't run off it seems hard! ha ha


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