It has been so cold here.  Buddy is getting naughtier and naughtier every day because the poor boy is bored out of his mind!  Today we had no therapy or errands to run and it wasn't quite as cold so I decided that my boys needed some Vitamin D!

Buddy was so excited that he even posed for the camera so that we could get moving!

I even got a smile!  I guess I found the secret for getting Buddy to smile for the camera.  Usually when I get the camera out he points at it and screams "No! No! No!"


It was a great morning for all of us.  The boys were a bit cold when we got home but they were in much better spirits.

And now we need to talk about vultures.  Apparently, there is a group of them that hang out near my house.  I first spotted them huddled on a neighbors roof...walking around like old men.  It completely creeped me out.  I told Daddy I could not be responsible for my actions if they ever decided to walk on my roof.

I haven't seen them on the roofs in awhile but they are always flying around near our house.  Baby has pointed out that I am obsessed with them.  I kind of am.

I have this weird irrational fear that they are going to swoop down and try to pluck one of my babies away from me.  When I saw the creepy things "sunning" themselves on our walk I stood there in horror at their freakishness and then decided I should share my horror. 

I apologize if you also share my fear and are no going to have nightmares.  I suggest you scroll back up to the cuties to wash the horror from your memories.


  1. Today is supposed to be nice for us too but probably still too cold to play outside. I don't like vultures either:)

  2. LOL...I LOVE Bunny's hat! I don't think I have ever seen a vulture before, just the thought of them grosses me out. I would be creeped out with them hovering around my house as well!! Ug.

  3. Don't like vultures! And I think it might be too cold here for them to get out in winter. It's sunny today, but the high is below zero, and the wind chill right now is -31. Make you want to visit?!
    love the pictures!


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