So Much for THAT Plan

Remember how we were going to make the best of the rest of the week?  You know what changes in nursing and extreme tiredness is a perfect recipe for?  I know you nursing mama's do!  Yep our good old friend mastitis.  I got hit HARD with a case that started on New Year's Eve.  When my home remedies couldn't stop it I gave in and went to urgent care. 

After I gave myself a few days to recover I was in slight panic mode that the Christmas decorations were still up and my Purgefest2013 had not even begun.  I worked hard the last few nights and here is one of the fruits of my labor.  A new playroom!

I have been dying to do this for months but a trip to Ikea is not exactly convenient for me.  I suckered Pa into helping me and then begged Daddy to put everything together that night.  He just LOVES it when I get like this!

It is such a perfect play area though!  The boys are happy to play in there for hours.  There is enough to keep Buddy occupied for awhile and Bunny loves to crawl around and explore.  It's also easy to clean up and I love that the big boxes hide all the toys from view.

Obviously, sisters have been playing in here too.  Buddy IS a genius but he is not spelling just yet.

I have gone into the room a few times and just turned on the light and smiled.  It's exactly what I wanted.  I didn't get much done this vacation but I got the important things done.


  1. these guys are getting so big....what a cute play area for them. good job, Shar!
    love, Aunt Ruth

  2. LOVE the play area! Sorry to read that you were sick:(


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