Boogie is 8

My sweet Boogie girl turns 8 tomorrow.  Daddy and I have been wondering all weekend how that is possible.  Unfortunately for Boogie, her birthday falls on the first day back at school so we thought we should do celebrations today.

Boogie planned the whole thing out weeks ago.  She designed a "food tour" for her birthday.  She is her father's child.  She picked Daddy to take her to breakfast.  Mommy for lunch and Grandma and Pa for dinner.

Daddy and the girls (Boogie decided Baby could join her celebrations just for one meal) left early this morning and came back stuffed.  My last words when they left were to take lots of pictures.  Do you see any pictures?

Because Boogie's birthday falls right after Christmas she is usually stocked up on toys so I asked her if she wanted to have a shopping day were she could pick out some new clothes.  Also being a daughter after her mommy's heart, she jumped at the chance.

We put together 5 or 6 outfits and hit the fitting room.  Boogie happily modeled the outfits for me.

We had so much fun!  I am loving the transition from little girl to my shopping buddy.  Our time together is more like hanging out as she gets older. I love it.  After we selected the winning outfits we accessorized and headed to lunch.

Boogie and I are obsessed with eating soup in bread bowls.  She asked me all about my jobs over lunch.  It's fun when your kids start to realize you had a whole other life before you started a family. 

Grandma and Pa were happy to oblige Boogie's wishes and picked her up for dinner.   They had a great time and even thought to bring Mommy back some tiramisu. 

In all honesty, a day of restaurants is my worst nightmare health wise but we don't do elaborate parties around here and since she came up with it herself I just went with it.  It's one day.  I hope she felt as special and celebrated as she is.  I just love this sweet girl!!


  1. She really is her mommy's daughter! what cute pictures, and what a special day for her. Happy Birthday, Bells!
    love, Aunt Ruth

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! It is so much fun as they get older...I love how Sofia tags along now when my girlfriends and I do our craft store runs..or when we head out to Starbucks and Target runs :-) We always forget she's just 11, she totally keeps us with our "grown up" conversations just like she would be a 30 something year old!! It's crazy! She cracks us up..but it's not funny when she repeats all my complaints to daddy~~


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