Our Tree

Our Christmas festivities got off to a slow start this year as I was working on a major data entry project in the beginning of December.  Every spare second I had went to that never ending project so it wasn't until last week until I finally got my decorations up.  Although the house did look a bit more festive it was missing the most important piece...the tree.

Daddy and I weren't sure what we wanted to do.  I was afraid of getting a real tree because I didn't want Buddy pulling it over on himself.  When the girls were this age we just wedged a tree between some couches and they just admired from a distance.  Buddy is a boy.  That would never work with him.  In his short 21 months of life he has taught me that NOTHING is safe from his curious hands.

Daddy suggested a fake tree but I told him that the ones that are convincing are just too expensive.  I am a real tree girl and I knew if we spent that much money on a fake one he would never let me get a real tree again!

In the meantime, the girls and I made a fun felt tree so that they could decorate it.  Buddy loves it.  I can tell who has been decorating by how the ornaments are placed.  Buddy likes to take them off.  Boogie has them all perfectly arranged and Baby likes to group them by color.

I formulated a plan that we could just wait until Christmas Eve and then surprise the girls on Christmas Day with a little real tree all decorated.  Daddy agreed and we had a plan.

Then he called me the next day and said his boss had a brand new nice fake tree he wanted to give us.  It was too tall for our house so I was hesitant because I didn't want to be stuck with a huge tree in our garage.   Daddy convinced me and on Monday he was home because of the rain so we put the tree up.  We just tweaked it a bit to make it fit and I have to say.....I am almost team fake tree now.  The lights are gorgeous and it took 2 seconds to put up and I haven't had to vacuum up pine needles once.

The girls were SO excited when they saw it.  We waited until the boys went to bed and decorated it.  We all sang Christmas carols and honestly....it didn't take away from anything that it wasn't a real tree.  Another plus that I can use my Swedish tree skirt which was impossible to use with a real tree because of the whole watering issue.  I do miss the tree smell though! 

The whole tree thing was a good reminder for me.  Part of the reason I didn't want a tree was because I didn't want Buddy to be touching it and destroying it all day.  I didn't put enough weight on how much the girls would miss out if we waited until Christmas to get a tree.  It has even put a spring in my step to see those white lights out of the corner of my eye during the day.  So...lesson learned...sometimes we have to take one for the team.

I did in fact chase Buddy away from the tree all day.  But that's okay.

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