Mama's Present

I know I have complained about it before, but for the last year (ever since my computer crashed) I have been without my beloved Photoshop.  I haven't found a suitable replacement and it has literally pained me to edit photos. 

All of this changed on Christmas.  Daddy gifted me Adobe Elements for Christmas.  I think it is supposed to be a little more user friendly than Photoshop although so far it seems more complicated.  I was in heaven messing around with it last night.  I think I almost have the hang of it.

Not having my photoshop has made me reluctant to take pictures with the good camera.  Now I can go back to doing what I love!!  And maybe since I will be using the DSLR again I might even have a decent shot of Buddy every once and awhile.  He is quick!

I gave the blog banner a long overdue update last night.  This is the picture from our Christmas card.  Not a perfect shot but I think it is as good as it gets with so many people!!

Look for lots of new pictures soon!


  1. The banner is perfect! I have a new DSLR camera and have been wondering about Photoshop or something similar. Let us know about how the Adobe program works for you.

  2. Try Elements. The thing I like about it is that you can use it in easy mode or advanced mode. So you could start at the user friendliest level and work your way up :)


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