Christmas Do Over

The scene in the picture above was a true miracle.  Why a miracle?  Because December 23rd all hell broke loose over here.  Baby started throwing up at bedtime.  Bunny was whining and not letting me put him down which progressed to a pained cry and then he threw up.  I had planned to wrap all the kid's presents that night so Bunny laid on a towel in the middle of our bed...asleep... surrounded by presents while I furiously wrapped.

On Christmas Eve we had to cancel plans with family and lay low.  After the kids were in bed my elf got to work putting together the big presents. 

Baby threw up on Christmas morning while the rest of us opened presents but then swore she still wanted to go to Grandmas.  After we got their permission to invade them with our germs we packed everything up.

Baby wore her new jacket and some shorty shorts and nothing else.  She was quite a fashion statement.  She pretty much laid around the whole day.  Not the most memorable Christmas.

In the midst of all that, the boys both were sick and very clingy and Buddy is getting molars.  He has been waking up multiple times every night.  It has been hard.

I wish we could have a do over and make everything magical and perfect.  At the same time...I didn't let it ruin our Christmas completely.  None of us were in the hospital, we have a home, we have lots of loving family.  Things could have been much worse.  I had to remind myself of big picture perspective many times these past couple days.

Today everyone was back to normal.  I missed Bunny's charming personality so much.  I could not leave him alone today.  I wanted to savor all his smiles, giggles and silly faces.  He is not even a glimpse of himself when he is sick.  It's good to have him back!!

The kids spent the day playing with all their new gifts and Daddy has two weeks off so we have plenty of time for a do over.  We plan to make the best of it.

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  1. Our sickness hit yesterday. Glad everyone is feeling better but sorry to read that Christmas wasn't so fun for all!


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