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Have you heard of the company Sevenly?  They are a company that partners with charities to raise money and awareness for that charity.  Each week they have a different cause and they sell shirts, sweatshirts etc and $7 from your purchase goes to help the charity.  In the picture above I am wearing my first shirt I bought from Sevenly which was for Forward Edge International.  Among other things, Forward Edge International helps keeps girls from being sold into prostitution in Nicaragua.  Having young girls myself, I couldn't help but do something.

I wish I could buy a shirt every week.  The charities they partner with are amazing.  But I have been waiting for my second purchase to be a charity relating to down syndrome.  When I saw the familiar almond shaped eyes in Sevenly's new Facebook post today I jumped.

When I discovered that the charity was Reece's Rainbow I cried because thanks to Lily's blog I have spent hours looking over the pictures on the Reece's Rainbow website.  It breaks my heart that these children have no family.  It breaks my heart that any child has no family but especially these sweet babies with down syndrome.  When I look at all the faces that look so much like my Bunny I feel like those are his brothers and sisters over there.  I wish I could adopt all of them. 

Reece's Rainbow partners with families who are willing to adopt an international child with special needs and helps with fundraising so that those families have less of a financial burden.  It makes me so happy to know that they are getting lots of attention this week and are spreading the word about their work.

Please consider buying a shirt this week or if you would rather you can go straight to the Reece's Rainbow site and donate there.  I myself will have a shirt just like the above picture in a few days. 

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