I am going to attempt to throw up a few blog posts while I am slightly distracted by "Rock of Ages" in the background.  Yes I have heard it is terrible and I honestly try to avoid all Tom Cruise movies but it's hard for Daddy and I to resist the music of our youth (you know...being the old crotchety people we are).  It's kind of my dream..."butt rock" AND a musical.  I'm cracking up because I am loving the musical numbers.  Daddy is rolling his eyes at me.


I have been really bad lately about keeping track of our days and events.  It feels like days just fly by and then BAM!  we are seconds before an event.  Halloween snuck up on me before I realized that it fell on a Wednesday and none of the churches in the area were having any festivities.  Fortunately, we were invited to a costume party the weekend before so the boys got a chance to wear their costumes for an audience (they don't trick or treat just yet)

Bunny was good about keeping his Yoda hat on.  He tried to take it off when I first put it on then gave up and amused me.

 Brother had no intention of amusing me.  He wanted nothing to do with his hat.

Boogie picked a "Movie Star at the Emmys" costume.  Of course!!!  She looked glamorous and gorgeous as usual.  Baby got invited to Disney on Ice with a friend so she missed the party.

On the actual day of Halloween we decided to head over to my moms and trick or treat there.  People in our neighborhood tend to go ALL out including hanging pirates and Boogie is very sensitive to scary stuff.  My mom's cul de sac has not traditionally been as scary although this year it was the place to be.  A girl in a Scream like mask jumped out and scared Boogie and she vows she will never trick or treat again.  I am going to have to do better planning next year.

At least we got a few good shots before we traumatized her.

 I was really surprised when Baby picked a princess costume because she is my tomboy.  She does make a beautiful princess though!!

She does not take her posing nearly as seriously as sister does as you will soon see!

We have a shot just like this from every year since Baby was born.  Baby is goofy or uninterested and Boogie is trying to get a modeling contract.  My girls are so opposite!

 Notice Baby looking at Boogie to see what she is doing.  I wouldn't say she nailed it but she's trying!

Now that's the Baby we know and love!

 I have been waiting for YEARS to put my babies in Star Wars costumes!  So you'll have to forgive me if I took a million pictures.  Bunny rocked his Yoda costume.  Yoda wore skinny jeans right?

 Brother wanted nothing to do with pictures so we had to bribe him with food to sit down next to Bunny.  We even got him to wear his hat.  Then Bunny grabbed it off of his head.  I guess he wanted the spotlight.

 He also wanted that food!  Bunny is as quick as lightening when he decides he wants something.  We call him Velociraptor.

He hides his enthusiasm well but Buddy actually loved his costume.  He calls Darth Vader "hoo haa" and was happy to do his impression for his fans.
A fun night was had by all...even if Boogie was scared.  She designated herself the candy queen and pulled a chair up to the door and waited for kids to knock.  When she opened it she put on her best teacher voice and said "You may all take one piece of candy".

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