Family Pictures

My mom called me a few weeks ago asking if we wanted to do a family picture session at a local park as part of a fundraiser for her friend's adoption.  I can hardly say no to a cause like that!  I didn't have any expectations going into it because I know that getting all six of us to look at a camera and smile is an impossible task so I told the photographer that natural shots were just fine with me.

The whole time I was just laughing.  Buddy wanted nothing to do with standing still in a huge park with ducks to chase.  Baby cannot pose for a camera to save her life.  But we had fun.  I even got a decent one for our Christmas card (I am not showing that one just yet).  The boys aren't looking at the camera but oh well.  Look at me all planning ahead!

Here are a few of my favorites.  (For some reason Blogger is making them look a lot crappier than they look like in person)

Buddy is not having fun

 Pa throwing Buddy in the air.  I hate it when he does this although he always did it to me and I am here to tell the story.  Notice I am cropped out of the picture.  I'm sure I was making a concerned face.

 Daddy spent the whole day making sure Buddy wasn't running into the lake.

I love that I actually got to be in pictures with my babies.  I am usually the one behind the camera.

Baby insisted on posing with her branch.  Oh that girl!!!

Look at Pa with that double hold!  I love that the boys look so much like brothers in this one. 


  1. Adorable pictures! The boys look so much older in these- really good shoot!

  2. These are amazing and now I'm reminded how behind we are on Christmas Cards!! We don't even have an appt. made for pics!! We may have to do them ourselves as I'm sure all good photographers are booked!! LOL...Oh well, no matter how prepared I am every year I'm always behind on my cards...and I'm certain I'll need your address again!! hahaha...oxoxoxo


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