A Little Hope

I've been really bummed about Bunny's gross motor skills.  I wrote this post a few weeks ago and then had an even more discouraging talk with our PT last week.  Bunny was not being a willing participant in therapy at all.  He would not pull to stand and he would not do quadraped.  He was protesting when we tried out his new Bamboo Braces. (which I LOVE and so does the PT)  The PT was really concerned.

I allowed myself a day to be sad and I cried a lot about it because I hate seeing him get even further behind.  I voiced all my worst fears to Daddy and his answer was that we need to be tougher on him.  He happened to be off of work the next day because of the rain so we brought down all the big stuffed animals, pillows and cushions from our rooms and put them on the floor around Bunny.  Then Daddy played guitar.  Bunny HAD to crawl over things to get anywhere.  When he whined for help and I reached to help him Daddy didn't let me.  Bunny quickly learned and he figured it out.  (I do tend to be a sucker for him but I think the balance between us is what he needs)

 (Not his best transition.  He is usually more graceful but it is the only one I have on video)

Then a few days later I walked into his room and he was SITTING UP in his crib!  I have thought for a long time that he could transition to sitting if he just tried and I guess he finally decided he wanted to!  Since then he does it multiple times an hour.  He crawls around and sits up with ease.  It's funny because once he is sitting he still sometimes will get a funny look like "How did I do that?"

He has also been getting into quadraped more.  He was rocking so hard the other day it looked like he might hop like a bunny across the room.  Today the PT had him 4 point crawling with assistance which is something he normally doesn't tolerate (he was wearing his Bamboo Braces which really help his arms!)

I definitely think I am on to something with the music too because if I put music on and then encourage him to stand he will tolerate it if I help him dance.

Lastly, he has really been trying to speak.  He has been saying "all done" for awhile now and I finally got it on video.  Today he said "thank you".  He was imitating me but I'll take it!  He says "all done" all on his own when he doesn't like food or therapy.  It seems he learned the phrase that was important to him.  I have noticed a lot of frustration from him when he wants something or needs something and isn't having his needs met so I have been vigilant about getting down on his level and making him sign to me.  I need to get the Baby Signing Times again and start some new words.  He knows "all done", "milk" and "food" and Buddy and I do a lot of signing in front of him but I think that if he realizes he can get things he wants from signing he will be more willing to learn.

I definitely feel more hopeful this week.  I know moms with older kids with down syndrome always say that "they will do it when they are ready" and I guess I am going to have to keep saying that to myself because clearly it is true for Bunny.  And even if the midst of all my worry my boy has met 2.5 of his 3 IFSP goals in gross motor.  We started the process of evaluation today and I was really dreading but when I look at the big picture he is making progress even if it isn't as fast as I may wish.  He has his own timeline and I just have to be patient.

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