A Beautiful Sight

This morning Baby and I went to church together.  I've missed church and for many reasons we have not been attending regularly but today I felt we needed to go.  Baby was the only willing participant.

I dropped Baby off in Sunday school and walked into the church alone for worship.  I had a form to fill out so I wasn't paying too much attention to my surroundings.  Worship started and as I looked up I recognized some familiar features on a man sitting in the front row alone.  I was trying not to stare but my curiosity would not rest until I knew for sure that he had down syndrome.

As my mind stopped analyzing him and just looked at him I immediately got tears in my eyes.  He was all alone and on the front row and had his hands raised and was worshiping in a way that I honestly have never felt free enough to (I am not talking anything over the top here.  I am just extremely conservative in my worship).  It was the most heart warming thing I have seen.

I quickly blinked back my tears and tried to compose myself but they wouldn't stop coming.  I finally had to walk out and go to the bathroom. 

I felt like I got some strange looks but I wanted to tell everyone.  "No.  These are tears of joy!  That man represents everything I want for MY son with down syndrome.  He is independent and he loves Jesus and is not afraid to show it!"

When I snuck back in to church I chose a different spot so that I could avoid blubbering through the whole service.  I could still catch little glimpses of the man.  I fantasized about stalking him after church but I controlled myself.

I am SO glad I went to church today!!


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