Slicing and Dicing

...well slicing at least.

I just wanted to throw this out there to anyone who may be in the market for a mandoline.  I purchased this mandoline a few months ago and while it worked fine for the price there is a place on the back of the mandoline that gets food pieces stuck in it.  Yuck.  There is no way to get them out.  Double yuck.  My other complaint is that it doesn't have a thickness guide in inches (like 1/8).  There are just three levels. 

Well, I was running through Costco this weekend and they have started to beef up their kitchen/toy sections in preparation for the holidays.  I couldn't resist walking through and I found this mandoline and chopper set (the one at Costco is red) for $19.99 with an instant $4 manufacturer coupon. 

I'd say my new mandoline works pretty good!  Look at those even slices!  The guard (so you don't slice your fingers.  Ouch) is much bigger and works way better than my old one.  If I am being picky I would say that because of the V shape of the slicer it does slice a tad bit thicker in the middle and it doesn't lock like my other one although it does come with a snap on guard.

So if you want something like this and don't want to buy an expensive one (maybe want is the wrong word.  We all WANT to buy the expensive one right?) then I think this one is a steal for the price.  Check your local Costco!


  1. I just got a new one two weekends ago...and I LOVE it...not sure of the brand but I got it at TJ Maxx....I really am having too much fun with it!! LOL...My old one wasn't working good anymore. I probably worked it too hard. I JUST got a Costco card this weekend and I'm sure Ryan will quickly regret it!!! hahaha...We only walked around for a few minutes because I don't like crowds and the Sunday crowd was insane!! I am looking forward to sneaking back there this week and checking everything out!

  2. Um yes Ryan will definitely regret it! ha ha But you will LOVE it!


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