I Don't Has To

 I am frustrated this week.  I have been feeling really burnt out and I'm sure that that has something to do with my frustration but I can't shake it. 

Bunny has been going through a very stubborn stage with his therapists.  If he decides he doesn't want to do something he will not do it.  Fortunately, as stubborn as he is, he is also very polite.  He doesn't scream or yell....he just locks his body and grunts and gets twisty.  When that doesn't work he gets very charming.  He smiles his big toothy smile and babbles and tries to charm his therapists.

I know that this is normal 19 month old behavior.  I hear "no" from Buddy's mouth a million times a day.  Bunny shakes his head "no" or says "all done". 

What frustrates me is his lack of motivation to do new things.  I finally thought we were making progress with pulling to stand and now he is refusing to do it.  He is also perfectly happy commando crawling and has no desire to try to 4 point crawl.  It's not that he doesn't want to move because he commandos all over the place and loves to explore but he is perfectly content doing it his way.

I am trying everything I can think of to get him motivated to work on things to strengthen his arms and legs.  I pulled out the crawling track last week so he could push his way down.  I took him into the playroom so he could pull to stand at the train table.  We practice the wheel barrow position while he is on my tummy (the only way he tolerates it).  I am just at a loss.  I know he will get there and I know I have to have patience but I just wish I could find a way to motivate him.

I am going to have his thyroid checked.  We are due and I was putting it off because of all his recent hospital drama but I would feel better to rule that out.  I am also going to be vigilant to get some coconut oil in him everyday in case his thyroid just needs a little boost.

Our PT is ordering come orthopedic braces for his feet/ankles to help him not lock out when he stands.  A friend of mine is also going to make him a tummy band so that he has more support and feedback for his tummy.  I hope that these things will give him a little boost and desire to keep working.

He really LOVES music so I've been putting music on in the background when we do exercises.  Tonight I got him to stand for a few seconds and we "danced".  He loved that.  I think I just need to get REALLY creative.

He may have gotten some of his strong will from his extra chromosome but he also got a nice healthy dose of it from his parents.   He has met his match in his mama bear.

I love my little buddy so much.  I just want him to be able to explore his world and participate more with his brother and sisters.  He loves to watch them and engage with them but often gets lost in the dust as they run from room to room.  We will just have to keep chugging along.


  1. Nolan army crawled forever and didn't want to pull to stand either and then a few months ago bam- it all started coming into place- nothing I did really mattered he just wanted to and was ready! Relax and enjoy that lil inch worm he will be there in no time :))) totally relate! :)

  2. It can be so daunting. Here's what I've learned, and I'm not too far ahead of you with the 27 month old: once they master one thing, I get nearly burnt out with the next that is in line. So, in a way I give up, LOL!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I know I'm not alone :)


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