Boys at Play

Here are more pictures of the boys playing in their ball pit.  It cracks me up how Buddy insists on squeezing himself in there with Bunny.  It's a tight squeeze but we make it work.

 Of course the first thing I did when I lugged home the balls was wash them.  Thank God!

 Bunny will sit in the pit for quite awhile while the novelty wears off quite quickly for Buddy.

He comes back every now and then to grab a ball to throw or annoy Bunny.

I thought I might regret the ball pit but I haven't so far.  I think it's a great tool for Bunny.  He loves the sensory input and it works on his balance.  He also has to crawl over the side to get out.

I think it's a keeper!!

My Precious!!

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  1. Brothers are the best! We have a ball pit too. Colin also insists on sitting in the pit with Ben:)


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