Video Fun

These are mostly for the enjoyment of my family but I couldn't resist posting a few videos from my phone.

This video shows what a smart boy my Bunny is.  Don't mind my singing voice.  I'm embarrassed to post it because of my voice but my pride in Bunny's new trick wins.

I got a free $1 to spend on Amazon MP3s so I downloaded my girl's favorite song.  Many dance parties have ensued. 

My mom found a kiddie pool on clearance and bought it for us.  When I saw a bag of balls at the consignment store I knew what I was going to do with the pool.  I'm sure I'll regret it because of the mess but I plan to keep it in my newly revamped family friendly playroom so I'm not too worried.

Buddy has some serious chair dancing skills.

Bunny pulling to a stand with the help of my "Pulltostand" contraption.   This is a huge step for the boy who would never put weight on his feet!

And lastly...Bunny has some own dance moves of his own.


While I was uploading and editing videos I came across videos of the boys from when they were 13 days old.  It made my heart ache.  They were so precious and tiny!!!


  1. Loved the videos, but now that dumb Call Me Maybe song is going to be stuck in my head...AGAIN! LOL Hugs, AJ


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