Not Smarter

Daddy and I FINALLY took the leap and got smart phones last week.  Yes I know...so 2010 but we have really been trying to avoid.  I REALLY wanted one but I knew that I would be less productive with another distraction and tech things seem to be my bigest weakness/time wasters.  Another issue was just the overall cost.  We run things pretty tight around here and I would rather spend money buying healthy food than paying my phone bill.  BUT we found a way to make it work and I'm so glad.

Of course one of my first apps was Instagram because I LOVE pictures and it's like crack to me.  Beauty at my fingertips.  Love it.  (If you are on Instagram tell me so I can find you!)

It definitely has caused me to waste time but I think I might have it under control.  Well except for my Dice with Buddies addiction. 

I love that I can take a decent picture with my phone again.  Here are a few from the last few weeks.

Loving my alone time with the boys.  We have so much fun

Nakey boy!

The famous "Are you an idiot?" look

Therapy time!

Pouty.  And Choo choos.

Someone is becoming obsessed with books

My new toy!!  Lots and lots of kale chips!

Errands with my girlies

I think these two look a lot alike

The time suck that is homework.  Baby is rocking it.  She is such a hard worker!


  1. Love the "are you and idiot face"! I do have a smart phone but no instagram. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures you will be taking with it!

  2. Well get on that Laura! I would love to see Ben's sweet face in my Instagram feed!!


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