Bunny Update

His "cheese" face
Bunny has truly weathered his surgery like a champ.  The first few days he did seem to be in a little bit of pain but now he seems fine.  The doctor saw him on Friday and was pleased with the healing.

The only difference in him I can see is that he does seem to have lost some strength.  He was pulling to a stand from a squat all by himself and now he is having a harder time with that again.  He saw his PT today and she noticed it too and said that we will just have to remember that he loses strength fast.  She isn't concerned though and thinks he will be back to doing his old tricks in no time.

One milestone that he has accomplished that you won't find on any chart is his hugging ability.  When I used to pick him up his arms just hung by his side.  Ever since we had our hospital trauma he wraps his chubby little arms around my neck when I hold him.  It is kind of sad how he got there but I am eating it up.  He even gives "squeezes" now. 

Granted, he also usually gives me a little love bit when he hugs me but look at those teeth!  He is getting a bunch right now!

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