Video Fun

These are mostly for the enjoyment of my family but I couldn't resist posting a few videos from my phone.

This video shows what a smart boy my Bunny is.  Don't mind my singing voice.  I'm embarrassed to post it because of my voice but my pride in Bunny's new trick wins.

I got a free $1 to spend on Amazon MP3s so I downloaded my girl's favorite song.  Many dance parties have ensued. 

My mom found a kiddie pool on clearance and bought it for us.  When I saw a bag of balls at the consignment store I knew what I was going to do with the pool.  I'm sure I'll regret it because of the mess but I plan to keep it in my newly revamped family friendly playroom so I'm not too worried.

Buddy has some serious chair dancing skills.

Bunny pulling to a stand with the help of my "Pulltostand" contraption.   This is a huge step for the boy who would never put weight on his feet!

And lastly...Bunny has some own dance moves of his own.


While I was uploading and editing videos I came across videos of the boys from when they were 13 days old.  It made my heart ache.  They were so precious and tiny!!!


Not Smarter

Daddy and I FINALLY took the leap and got smart phones last week.  Yes I know...so 2010 but we have really been trying to avoid.  I REALLY wanted one but I knew that I would be less productive with another distraction and tech things seem to be my bigest weakness/time wasters.  Another issue was just the overall cost.  We run things pretty tight around here and I would rather spend money buying healthy food than paying my phone bill.  BUT we found a way to make it work and I'm so glad.

Of course one of my first apps was Instagram because I LOVE pictures and it's like crack to me.  Beauty at my fingertips.  Love it.  (If you are on Instagram tell me so I can find you!)

It definitely has caused me to waste time but I think I might have it under control.  Well except for my Dice with Buddies addiction. 

I love that I can take a decent picture with my phone again.  Here are a few from the last few weeks.

Loving my alone time with the boys.  We have so much fun

Nakey boy!

The famous "Are you an idiot?" look

Therapy time!

Pouty.  And Choo choos.

Someone is becoming obsessed with books

My new toy!!  Lots and lots of kale chips!

Errands with my girlies

I think these two look a lot alike

The time suck that is homework.  Baby is rocking it.  She is such a hard worker!


18 Months!

I feel like I have been saying the boys are almost 18 months for so long and I almost forgot today was the day!  I was watching them play today thinking it is going WAY to fast.  I really feel like it has been such a blur.  I still think of these guys as babies but they aren't!  

I thought for their half birthday I should give them each a little blurb about whose these little guys are becoming.

Bunny is just a happy guy.  I know it's a stereotype but it's true for him.  He is easily entertained and he's usually the guy I will take with me on errands if Daddy wants me to take a kid.  He still has a hard time with gross motor but he definitely rocks social and has done fairly well in fine motor as well.  Bunny LOVES music and will stop dead in his tracks and turn toward the source of the music.  He has this new "surprised face" that he does that is hilarious.  Brother can't even do it.  I figure because he can't do a lot of the gross motor things that brother can do he has learned to fine tune his facial expressions.  He also has a "you are an idiot" expression and "I am leery of you" look.

He will spend hours in front of the mirror.  He claps, talks, kisses himself.  He just started doing a side clap that I think is hilarious.

He has started to show his stubborn side and we have started the battle of wills over signing for more food or for milk.  He prefers to grunt at me. Fortunately, Daddy and I have LOTS of experience in dealing with stubbornness.

He is a sensitive guy.  He doesn't like for his brother or sisters to be upset.  He also loves to get our attention and make us smile.  He truly lives up to his name which means "Light"

For the time being he is on "Team mom"

Buddy is definitely running into the little boy territory.  He really does run.  In fact I taught him to run in place and it is hilarious.  He also loves music and loves to dance.  Or turn in circles and fall on his face.  Then finish crying and start spinning again.  He seems to be quite tough.  He has learned to say "ow" and get a kiss from mommy.  So he does it over and over and cracks up.

My guess is that Buddy will be the family clown.  He spends Bunny's therapy time doing funny things to get the attention of the therapist.  He likes to make sure we all remember he is there and he usually does it by doing something funny.  He loves to laugh.  At naptime I hear Bunny cracking up on the monitor and I look and Buddy is shaking his head to make him crack up.  I have it on video and will have to post it when I upload it.

Buddy is also very sweet.  He loves to snuggle baby dolls and puts blankets on them to put the night night.  I was always a sucker for tough guys with a big heart.

I thought that boys talked later.  Buddy blows that theory out of the water.  He talks all day and says new words all the time.  He is also learning sign with brother so he signs and says the word which I love because brother sees it all the time.  Of course his favorite word is "No".  Actually, it might be a tie between "no" and "Pa".

Buddy is definitely "Team Dad"

One thing that does make me a little sad these days is that as the boys get older they look less and less like twins.  People ask me how old how old one of them is and when I point out the other one and says they are twins they get a confused look or a shocked look on their face.  Buddy is just a lot bigger.  I also tend to carry Bunny in the Boba more often than Buddy only because Buddy is very strong and I don't want him that close to my hair with no way to get away!  I'm not sure why it makes me sad but it does.  At least we know they are twins.  And THEY know they are twins.

Happy 18 months buddies!


My Life in Pictures

Daddy's Shoe

Conversations with Boogie

Tonight as we were walking....

Boogie: "Mom.  Look at my shadow.  I look like I have high heels on like a girl who is going to a party"

Me:  "Yes Boogie.  Very nice"

Boogie:  "Mom look at your shadow.  You just look like you are wearing slippers.  So typical."

Such a gem that girl


Bunny Update

His "cheese" face
Bunny has truly weathered his surgery like a champ.  The first few days he did seem to be in a little bit of pain but now he seems fine.  The doctor saw him on Friday and was pleased with the healing.

The only difference in him I can see is that he does seem to have lost some strength.  He was pulling to a stand from a squat all by himself and now he is having a harder time with that again.  He saw his PT today and she noticed it too and said that we will just have to remember that he loses strength fast.  She isn't concerned though and thinks he will be back to doing his old tricks in no time.

One milestone that he has accomplished that you won't find on any chart is his hugging ability.  When I used to pick him up his arms just hung by his side.  Ever since we had our hospital trauma he wraps his chubby little arms around my neck when I hold him.  It is kind of sad how he got there but I am eating it up.  He even gives "squeezes" now. 

Granted, he also usually gives me a little love bit when he hugs me but look at those teeth!  He is getting a bunch right now!

My Life in Pictures

Someone has finally traded in his dollies and necklaces for cars and trucks.  Daddy is delighted.

Petting Zoo Fun

I spend so much time at home during the week that sometimes on the weekends I feel like I might go crazy if we stay home one second longer.  On Saturday, I suggested we got to the amusement park for a few hours before it closed.  As we were walking in I saw that they have a petting zoo right now but the cost was $5 a child and I honestly figured it was another way to waste money.

As the girls were riding their last ride I rolled the boys over to the "zoo" to check it out.  It was huge and there was a nice variety of animals and there were baby goats. I apparently cannot resist the baby goat. (Truth be told I just can't resist babies in general)  I told the girls we could come back another day.   I am pretty sure that promise was made for my benefit.  I am an animal lover..what can I say?

Monday was a HOT day but we got to the zoo right when it opened and we were the first customers.  The girls and I had free reign of the animals.  I emptied out all my quarters and the girls went to find the animals to feed.

 The goats were friendly but not crazy aggressive for the most part.  I think it helped that they had the cute little scarves.  A well accessorized goat is hard to resist.  A few petting zoos we have been to have one super aggressive goat that attacks the children and eats ALL the food.  I didn't see any of that.

As Baby started to run out of food she was quite selective about which goats she would feed and she carefully divied up the bounty between them.

Remind you of anyone?  I'm telling you that it wasn't just me...we were all obsessed with the baby goats.

The boys had to stay outside the gate and once Daddy and I switched places look where I found him.  Baby goat.  The girls are in the picture with him but I swear it was just him and the baby goat for a good twenty minutes.  I told Daddy awhile back that I wanted a pet goat and he said I was insane.  I might be able to talk him into it now.

The peacock was not impressed with baby goat.  They had a little face off.

Is there a "Petting Zoo Catalog" out there?  Because I think I have their next model

The bunnies were very popular with Boogie.  She spent most of her time in the bunny cage picking up each and every bunny and giving it some love.  She told me later she liked it over there because the farm people were teaching her all about bunnies.  I think someone needs a pet bunny.

Baby and I wandered around.  She wanted to meet each and every animal.

As Baby was lovingly petting the pig she was chanting "I LOVE to eat pig!"  I was dying.  But good for her if she can see that ugly thing with its nose in the mud and think "yummy!".  I have to admit I took the bacon off of my burger at lunch!

Best picture ever

Is it just me or was this guy the inspiration for Jar Jar Binks?

Oh look at the ugly turkey.  You can't tell but it was in the corner by itself and no child was going NEAR it.  Petting zoo FAIL! 

Buddy took pity on the ugly thing and pretended to be interested.

The boys stayed outside the gates because they wanted $5 for them too and honestly I figured that they were going nowhere near the animals so I decided to just have them hang out.  I think Buddy was quite happy that there was a fence between him and the animals.

There was also a train that passed by every few minutes and Buddy is currently obsessed with trains so he was a happy kid!  (The train is in the far right)

Buddy is a total Daddy's boy and even if there wasn't a train he would have been happy just because Daddy was there.

Bunny had his beads and his mommy so he was happy.

The girls stayed for 2 hours and would have stayed even longer but it was just getting way too hot and too close to naptime.  We did have to make one more stop.

I have been wanting to put Buddy in these cars all summer but was afraid he would freak out.  I decided we should just let him go for it.  Daddy was so excited he tried to sneak off and take him while we were with with the animals but I begged and pleaded for him to wait.

 The first ride he was VERY serious.  He wasn't scared but he wasn't sure exactly what was going on.  Baby volunteered to ride with him for the second ride so he would have more fun.

 He was ALL smiles during the second ride.  I think having big sister there helped.

I was going to let Bunny try too (he would have probably liked it more than Buddy) but there was a big sign that sign "No recent surgeries".  I realize they probably mean heart surgeries but because of where his incision is I decided to wait a few more weeks.  I have had enough of doctors and hospitals for awhile!

The second ride was a little less successful but I think after it started going Buddy was a little happier.

It's amazing how much fun you can pack into 3 hours.  The girls have asked if we can go back every weekend.  I definitely think we need to go visit the baby goats a few more times!