Well That was Scary!

Friday morning I woke up at 5am because Bunny was screaming in his crib.  Bunny never wakes up grumpy so I was very concerned.  I got him up and tried to soothe him.  He nursed a little but he kept wincing and moaning.  I thought it was probably his teeth and brought him downstairs for some teething tablets and advil.  That seemed to take the edge off a bit so I assumed I was right about the teeth.  He had no fever and didn't seem to be snotty at all.

Of course Friday was the day I was having a big playdate at my house.  I had two friends coming from out of town and another coming from over the hill.  Bunny was grumpy but he didn't have a fever and I didn't think he was contagious.  I just put him in the Boba and on we went (heavily caffeinated of course!).

The house filled up with people and I tried to enjoy myself but I was worried about Bunny.  I had already made an early afternoon Dr appt for him but as he was getting more and more lethargic I decided I just needed to take him to Urgent Care.  My girlfriends agreed and took over the house and the kids and off I went.  I was in tears by the time I got to the hospital because I was so worried.  Bunny was so floppy and just not very responsive.

Once we got in a "room" they wanted to take some blood.  I knew Bunny was not very hydrated because he had not nursed in hours.  They tried 3 or 4 times to get a vein with no success.  It was so horrible.  Both of us were crying.  I finally told them to stop and let me nurse him.  After he nursed they did an X-ray of his lungs.  He fell asleep for awhile and then they came in to try again for the blood.  I wanted to tell them to get lost but I really wanted to know his white blood count too.  He had been wincing all morning and that made me nervous and I just wanted to make sure all the counts were good.

I knew where he had a good vein from our blood draw at 6 months and I told them were it was but the first nurses ignored my advice.  This time a lady with a VIP tag came in and she found a good vein.  Guess where it was?  Even though she found it the man nurse who tried to find it could not get the needle in there and they tortured my poor boy for a few minutes while I furiously prayed that they could just find it already and get the blood!!!  The "VIP" lady finally took over and after another few attempts and more of my begging to God we got the blood.  What an ordeal!!!

A few hours after our entrance the Dr on duty came in with a diagnosis of pneumonia.  I was actually shocked because the white blood count came back normal and he had no fever.  They gave him shots of antibiotics in his legs and an hour later we left.  In the car Bunny was already perking up and talking to himself in the mirror.

The whole thing was very weird to me.  I wasn't convinced he had pneumonia because of the lack of signs and yet the whole lethargy thing had been really scary so clearly something had been going on.  My main thought was what would it look like if had full blown pneumonia???  My mom and I came to the conclusion that he had a "perfect storm" going on.  Perhaps, the beginnings of pneumonia along with teething and some ear pain....coupled with an early morning and being very tired caused things to just go haywire.

The next morning he woke at 6 (without tears) and was signing "food" furiously.  He was back to his babbling pleasant self.  We had a visit with his pediatrician's office at 9 and the doctor said if I had brought him in like he was she would not have given him anything.  She did request a look at the x-ray and decided that there was definitely something on the x-ray so she gave us antibiotics for 3 days.

Besides a junky cough that has come on since the antibiotics he is acting like a happy boy and I'm quite relieved!!  Although the timing of everything was a complete bummer for me (I missed my friends whole visit!) it was also nice because my kids were well taken care of while I dealt with everything.

I'm just thankful that we caught everything early and that my boy is okay!


  1. I'm so happy that Bunny is okay! Love his pouty face!

  2. That is scary. Kamdyn had pneumonia last year. She ended up needing an antibiotic shot, because they oral meds wouldn't do the trick. I hope he is better soon.


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