She Really Loves Me

I thought school would be the thing to finally wear Baby out.  She has always been my night owl/early bird and I felt for sure that school would improve her sleeping patterns.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case thus far.  Bright and early Thursday morning as I was trying to wake up in the shower a sweet little face poked through the door and said "Can you help me with my uniform mom?"

Waking up extra early leads to a lot of down time so while Boogie rushed around to get ready in time Baby drew pictures for everyone.  The one above was for me.  She told me it was me with hearts all around me so I remember she loves me.  Melt a mean mommy's heart!!

I have to keep reminding myself that Baby is an internal processor.  While Boogie emotes and usually lets me know right where she is at, Baby tends to keep it inside.  I have been paying more attention to her cues and I think she definitely misses me more than she is letting on.  Anytime I am on the floor, she is right there either on my lap or hanging on my back.  It is driving me a bit crazy but I know she is just trying to soak me up so I have been indulging her and giving her lots of hugs. 

I remember going through this a bit with Boogie at first too. Boogie and I used to have a 20 minute "cuddle time" right when she got home from school.  I'm not sure Baby would actually enjoy 20 minutes of it so I will just sneak it in when I can because she clearly needs it.

Today when we got home Baby was in tears about everything.  I think she has finally reached tiredness.  Maybe we will actually get to sleep in tomorrow!

Even though she is tired, Baby did have a great first week.  The teacher assistant told me that Baby is very well behaved and is doing great.  The only snafu has been uniform related.  I sent her in a skirt this morning.  It had a side zipper and a belt made from the same material that tied.  She looked adorable but I was slightly concerned that she would have problems with it in the bathroom.  I made sure she could get everything undone herself and I told her if she had problems to ask a teacher to help her.

She may or may not have walked out of the bathroom with her skirt down saying that her zipper was pinching her.  The teacher couldn't remember if it was her or not.  Baby swears she didn't and that she did need some help but her skirt was on.  Boogie heard a rumor from one of her friends that she walked out needing help.  Needless to say, Baby will be wearing dresses for a while!!  They are much easier for these sorts of things. (moms of girls...something to remember when you send your girls off to kindergarten! ha ha)

All in all, she has done great!

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