Not Pneumonia

I may have mentioned that I was not convinced that Bunny had pneumonia.  On Monday morning he was doing the weird wincing thing again.  When I changed his diaper I noticed a huge lump in his groin area and when I felt it he screamed in pain.  I decided to call the advice nurse (who probably rolls her eyes when she hears it's me).  She consulted with the Dr and said it was probably a lymph node.  She said it would be the size of a pea.  I told her it was the size of a cherry.  She called me back in a few minutes and said come right in.

The Dr looked at it while Bunny screamed (and the other kids freaked out because their brother was being hurt) and then decided we should get an ultrasound.  He kindly asked if I had someone who could watch the kids because it could take awhile.  The Dr office is 40 minutes from my house and the hospital is too.  I called my mom and begged her to come home from work so I could drop the kids at her house.  Thank God for moms!!!

The ultrasound tech (who was a twin herself) said "Oh it's his testicle"  What!!??

Here is that background: Bunny was born with an undescended testicle.  The first urologist wanted to do surgery at a year but I didn't like him so I asked for a new one who requested an ultrasound because he couldn't feel the testicle at all.  The ultrasound showed no sign of testicle so we assumed either he didn't have one on that side or that it was way high up and we knew that he would have to have an exploratory surgery at a later date.

So as you can imagine, I was quite surprised that it finally made its appearance.  But even I could tell something was wrong with it because it had two dark areas.  The tech took the images to a Dr and then told us to wait for a call from our Dr.

My Dr called and said we needed to head over to the ER because he wanted surgery done right away because he suspected that Bunny had a twisted testicle.  As I checked in to the ER the ER doctor came in and low and behold it was the same Dr from our previous emergency room visit (at a hospital miles away).  Had I been less stressed out, I might have given her a little lecture on listening to the concerns of mothers but I just let his story do the talking.  I was not thrilled she was there but I knew she wouldn't do the surgery anyway.

Hours later, the Urologist came in and as he introduced himself I had a strong suspicion he was the Dr that performed Daddy's surgery and had made some very chauvinistic remarks to him.  He ignored Bunny (I think because he was a baby not because of the DS) and was pretty rude.  I was nervous.

When they came to get Bunny I was starting to really freak out.  As the team introduced themselves to me I recognized a familiar face and the Urologist told me that Dr H, who was the Pediatric surgeon was going to assist.  I breathed a sigh of relief because the man I recognized was the surgeon who did a small surgery on Baby when she was 6 months old.  He was the nicest man and I felt very comfortable with him so I knew Bunny would be okay.  Thank God for all the prayers of my friends and family!

I handed Bunny over and walked quickly down the hallway in tears.  I know that many many children go into surgery for far scarier and more dangerous things but when your child is going under for any reason it is terrifying.  I have heard that Anesthesiology can be trickier on kids with low tone so I had grilled the Anesthesiologist about what precautions he was taking.  And then I waited.

And honestly I was scared but I also felt peace.  I know SO MANY people were praying for us and I could definitely feel it.

An hour later the urologist came out and said that he was fine and that the testicle had been twisted 2x and that he had to remove it.  I think he felt bad but honestly...we didn't think he would ever had one so I was just glad he was okay.

They took my what??

They did keep us an extra night because Bunny sounded very crusty after the surgery.  His oxygen sat was a little low at first last night but once he settled down he was okay.  This morning he woke up his little chipper self.  He does seem to have some tenderness but he actually seems in less pain than before so I am relieved.

My other babies were troopers.  I had the van with the carseats at the hospital so once Bunny was out of surgery, Grandma came and stayed with him while I went to her house and dropped off the van for Daddy and nursed Buddy.  When we got home today Buddy nursed for an hour straight.  He missed his mom!  And the girls missed their Ice Cream Social night before school starts tomorrow but I have awesome friends who were getting the details of classes and teachers for me and I think we can drop by later and meet the teachers.

Lesson learned....make the Drs give you an explanation for an unexplained symptom.  Bunny's pediatrician agrees with me that he never had pneumonia but he says the twisted testicle would have been hard to pick up on since we all thought it was non existant!

I have no idea why my poor Bunny had to go through this but I am just so glad everything is okay and we can all get back to normal now.  Tomorrow is the first day of school!!  I have a lot to do!


  1. I admire your strength and am so glad things turned out okay.

  2. I love these pictures of him. he is so stinkin' sweet!
    Aunt Ruth

  3. I'm so, so happy he's okay but I felt scared for you and him as I was reading this post. After Ben had his tubes in his ears, I told him no more hospital visits for 2012. I hope Bunny is hospital free for the rest of the year too!

    1. I hope so too! Although I am obsessed with the gown pictures ;) But we have our "gown picture" now so I think we can be done :)


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