Fun with Sons

Last week I took the girls to church and Daddy stayed with the boys who were getting over a cold (Although apparently not completely getting over!).  This week I stayed home and Daddy took the girls.  The boys and I had a lazy morning which included some fun hanging out in their room...while sneaking in some Bunny therapy of course!

Bunny and I have been using the mirror a lot for imitation and speech.  He loves to babble to himself and he LOVES to admire himself in the mirror.  Buddy likes to steal the show from time to time as well.

Notice Buddy hugging the teddy bear in the background

Buddy mostly entertains himself.  Today he played the flute for awhile and then baby-ed Mr Bear.

Bunny does this new thing that just cracks Daddy and me up.  He does surprised face while gasping.  He gets that he is doing it and waits for you to laugh.  It is the funniest thing!

Put in
Take out
We played lots of Peek a Boo.  That's a favorite around here....

Jealous face!!  Buddy was sitting on my lap and Bunny was not happy about that!

We read our favorite books.  Well, the boys looked at them and I recited them from memory.

Today was just a taste of next week when both girls will be in school all day.  I am going to have so much one on one time with these guys.  How am I ever going to get anything done?  Who would want to do housework or anything productive when you could do this all day?

And that is Bunny's sign for food and his signal that he was done!  What a fun morning!


  1. Oh my cuteness! So excited to read about your family :) Glad you found Calvin and I :)

  2. I'm looking forward to spending one on one time with Ben when Colin starts preschool. It seems like Bunny's routine is quite similar to Ben's!


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