First Day of School!

I was afraid Baby would never go to sleep last night.  She has been waiting for this day ever since the morning we dropped Boogie off for her first day of school.  She was not nervous at all.

I didn't cry when I dropped Boogie off for the first time but I honestly didn't trust myself because of my emotional week.  I may have teared up once or twice but because I knew that Baby wasn't worried or scared it made it easier on me.  The only time she got nervous was when she had to go stand in line.  I walked through the intimidating sea  of parents and children with her and showed her right where to stand.  Once she saw her teachers she was fine.

After the morning assembly outside, I quickly wheeled the boys over to the door of her classroom like Baby and I used to do so we could say goodbye to Boogie.  She came walking up holding hands with her bestie looking perfectly happy.  When I tried to give her a hug her bestie said "You need to say goodbye AT the door".  Hilarious.  I asked her to please remind Baby of the rules today and keep her in line.

Baby did not even turn to give me once last smile at the door.  She just walked right in. When I asked her if she missed me today she gave me a token "Yes this much" and then made the tiny sign with her fingers.  I honestly doubt she even missed me that much.  She's so independent!

Baby had a great day and said she loved school.  When Auntie called to ask her how her day was she said "It was good but I didn't learn to read today?" Apparently she thought they would hit the ground running!

She also requested that I please make her a hand drawn note for her lunchbox tomorrow (I sent a cute card) and then she told me what it should say.  I better get on that!  Maybe if I make it extra nice she will think about old mom for a second while she eats lunch! Ha!

Boogie had her first day of second grade.  While she is already less enthusiastic about school I think she had a good day.  She was in a great mood when she got home and that's usually a good indication.  I have to say that Boogie had this whole outfit laid out perfectly last night...including accessories.  She is such a planner! 

She also got a little nervous when it was time to find her line.  Once she found her friends she was fine.  I had told her that I wouldn't be able to walk her to class and I had to say goodbye at the line but once I said goodbye to Baby, my mom (who could never miss the first day of school)  told me I should run to the classroom and say goodbye.

I pushed through the throng of parents and got to the door to find her sitting in her seat like a little angel.  I called her name and she turned around, rolled her eyes (Moooom...so embarrassing!) and then ran over and gave me a quick but fierce hug.  She may have been slightly embarrassed but I know she appreciated the gesture.  At least I didn't chase her through the playground with my big stroller screaming her name like last year!

My day was honestly a slice of heaven.  I felt like I was on vacation with just the boys!  And nap time....oh delicious nap time!  Peace and quiet!  You know how nice it feels to clean up during nap time and have it stay that way for two hours? 

I am so proud of my girls!  I can't believe that I have two kids in school.  Before I know it, it will be the boy's turn!


  1. Happy first day Boogie and Baby!

  2. Those 2 are SO cute!! I'm glad they both had a good first day :) Finn did the same thing to me- I gave him a note yesterday, and today, he said "Mom, I need another note and it must say this...". So funny!


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