Baby Turns 5

It's late and I should be heading to bed.  For some reason, I keep procrastinating bedtime and I have been paying for it this week!  Tonight as I walked around turning off lights I realized I never blogged about Baby's birthday.  I have been taking a break from blogging in order to cram every last minute of fun that I can into our summer.  Every minute after the kids go to bed I am cleaning and working.  No fun. 

But back to Baby.  She turned 5 last week.  Things worked out that her cousins were going to be in town that day so we all headed out the to amusement park and the kids had a great time.  It was low key but the kind of day that makes for some good memories.  The girls got to have a sleepover with their cousin and I heard the girls giggling and talking well into the midnight hour.  I am normal the sleep nazi around here so I am pretty sure the girls thought I had lost my mind.

After the big birthday I kept reminding Baby that the next event was her Dr appointment.  I had warned the office at the boys appointment that they needed to make sure there were extra nurses on duty that day.  I had a feeling I would not be able to reason with Baby the way I had with Boogie (who was very brave and hardly shed a tear).  Once the nurse grabbed Baby's arm she freaked and it took three of us to hold her still.  The nurse kept saying "She is FREAKISHLY strong!".  For whatever reason, all of our kids are.  I'm pretty sure that's from Daddy.  I'm no slouch but I have never been accused of being freakishly strong.

Baby is continuing her trend of being my monster child.  She is 90% for height and 95% for weight.  They didn't check her head but I know its up there.  I am interested to see if she will tower over the other kindergarteners the way her sister did. (who is only 50% for height).

Speaking of kindergarten...Baby going to kindergarten is hitting me way harder than it did with Boogie.  I keep freaking out and wondering if she is ready.  My mom assures me that kids always rise to the occasion and that she rocked preschool.  She is just such a pistol.  I'm afraid she will be in trouble a lot more than Boogie was (which was once and she is still devastated).

Nevertheless, Baby is very excited.  Today we went to school to drop off last minute paperwork and Baby was telling everyone "This used to be Boogie's school but now it is MY school!"  I think she is ready.  My big girl!!!

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