15 Month Appointment

(Has nothing to do with the appt I just this this picture is HILARIOUS)
After almost 17 months of having twins, I have finally wised up.  For the boy's 15 month well check (yes we are behind) I left the girls with a babysitter and brought a helper (Auntie).  Auntie and I walked to get a coffee right before we went into the appointment.  As I opened the car for the diaper bag I put my coffee in the car which Auntie questioned.  I said "I can't manage the coffee.  You'll see!"

The thing about the appointments after about 8 months is that THEY REMEMBER.  So even something as simple as a weight check is akin to torture.  Buddy was clinging to me for dear life and that boy is STRONG.

Now take a look at my son.  Does he look like he has a weight problem to you?  Because the doctor is "slightly concerned" that his weight has jumped a percentile block at the last 4 appointments.  His current stats are 50% for height and 95% for weight.  You know who had those exact percentages?  Big sister (pictured above).  I explained this to the doctor and he said that if he had always been that way he would understand but the jump is what concerns him. 

I reminded him that my son is a twin and that he really struggled to gain weight the first few weeks and that he has finally reached his norm.  He honestly is not super chubby.  He is solid. 

The doctor then tried to say that it may be because I am still breastfeeding him.  Sorry...not buying it.  My body knows what he needs.  After we talked I think he was convinced.  I think sometimes doctors forget that there are two sets of genes in the pool here.  Buddy is built exactly like Daddy.  I am not worried.

Bunny was a lot easier at the appointment.  He was definitely nervous but he tends not to protest as loudly as brother.

I was very relieved to hear that he has grown 2 inches since his last appointment!  We were concerned at his 1 year because his height did not make a huge jump but he seems to be back on track.  I can't remember what percentage his height is but his weight is 25%.  Not to shabby for my little squinky!

The doctor was quite impressed with him and thinks he is doing great.  We have to schedule some bloodwork, and endo and another urologist apppointment but just for follow ups. 

From now on I will always try to bring a helper.  So much easier!

Tomorrow we are packing everything up for a day hike (with Grandpa and Auntie).  Should be a fun day!

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  1. Ben didn't make to his 15 month appointment until he was 17 months either and I only have 2 kids and no twins:) Buddy looks like he is doing just fine. I wouldn't be worried either!


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