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Unlike Friday, yesterday was not such a success.

I knew Daddy had to leave mid morning to go to a tux fitting so as soon as I finished nursing the boys I jumped in the car for a quick run to Starbucks drive through before Daddy left.  When I got to the drive through it was blocked off because a big stupid truck was broke down like an idiot in the middle of it.  I was in my pajamas so running in wasn't an option.  I drove back home cursing silently.

When I got home everyone was crying and Daddy was rushing around saying that work called and he had to go into work instead right away.  Awesome.  We readjusted and went on.

Right before lunch I had the brilliant idea that we should run to the grocery store for a few things.  As I was putting Bunny in the car he started crying a lot.  Did I come to my senses and take everyone back inside?  No.  I gave him a quick milk drink and off we went.

Still pouting from my morning coffee experience I heading to the back of the store to get a Peet's ice coffee.  While I was waiting, Bunny got grouchy again and I had to take him out of the double stroller.  Then they handed me my coffee and I had to figure out how to handle a squirming whiny baby, a double stroller and keep track of two wandering girls and a grocery list.

I'm not going to lie.  I was flying around the store on my broom.  While I usually run into people I know at this grocery store I did not see one familiar face yesterday.  I suspect they were hiding from me as to not embarrass me because I was acting like such a mean mom!

Moral of the story?  GO WITH YOUR GUT!  I knew we should not go when Bunny started crying and yet I pushed on.  Lesson learned.  I do not enjoy being that mom.  I don't like putting out there that having four kids is misery because it's not! 

Fortunately, we were able to wash the day off last night with a night swim.

Splash! Spalsh!


Silly girls!

Someone lost another tooth!

I used to do this EXACT face!

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