Pool Fun

This morning Daddy and I got our borrowed crib all cleaned up for Bunny and put it in his room in time for the afternoon nap.  I was nervous that it might cut his nap short but he slept great.  Buddy, on the other hand, heard all the fun we were having in the pool and decided he needed to join us.

It's so funny how different moms and dads are. When one of the boys comes in with me I painstakingly hold them above water letting them splash a little and get used to it and slowly get them used to the water.  I handed Buddy to Daddy and he dunked him in up to his neck!  Buddy didn't seem to mind.

This picture cracks me up because Buddy is smiling away and has no idea what is coming next.

He didn't seem to mind that either.

At this point Buddy was shaking because it wasn't super hot today.  The pool is 80 degrees but that's still a bit chilly when it is not 90's weather outside!  We asked Buddy if he was cold and he said yes so we got him out of the pool and set up the water table.  Then I dove back in to play with the girls while Daddy monitored the water table.

That scenario did not last long.  Buddy wanted back in the pool.  He says "pool" very clearly so it's hard to ignore.

I told you he has "permasmile" when he is swimming.

This last picture sums up pool time pretty well.  Boogie is perfecting her swim, Baby is being a big goofball and Buddy is signing more.

Hopefully, Buddy didn't have so much fun that he decides to wake up early from nap everyday!  And if you are feeling bad that Bunny missed out....don't.  He is usually the one who gets to swim with us.   I just never get pictures because as efficient as I can be.....I have yet to figure out a way to take pictures in the pool while holding a rambuctious 16 month old!

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