By Request of Grandpa

My parents took the girls overnight last night which is always a nice break for me.  Unfortunately, Daddy had to work most of the day yesterday so even though the girls were gone by early afternoon I had two crazy boys to manage and didn't get much done.  I decided we would just go with it and have fun (while I snuck in lots of therapy)

Bunny has been responding very well to his kinesio taping and is now a master at sitting.  He still has a hard time keeping his head forward so I make him do lots of clapping because it brings it down.  He has been babbling up a STORM!  My boy talks all day.  He may have said "Dada" meaningfully but for the most part he just babbles and sings and signs "food", "milk" and "more".  (I think he was talking in this picture which is why his eyes look a little crazed)

Definitely talking here

Buddy is definitely always aware of Bunny and his new favorite thing is to say "Brother!" and run over and kiss Bunny and hug him.  Bunny is not a huge fan of all the affection and usually pushes him away but I think it's adorable.  After Buddy kisses his head he usually steals his toy.

Very proud of himself

I have been working hard on Bunny's tricks.  He now blows a kiss on demand and also blows.  I love his little cheeks all puffed up!

I had to bribe Buddy with my phone to get him to sit next to Bunny for a picture.  Buddy does NOT like to sit still.  You can see in this picture the boys hair is almost exactly the same color these days.  A light blonde/brown with lots of red.  You may also notice that Bunny has spotted the phone and wants it too.

Now is my chance!

Gimme that!

He won't share!

Bunny is steadily making progress in therapy.  Honestly it is a lot slower than I would like but I am trying to just be patient and enjoy him.  He had a month break from OT because I refused to let them take him away from me anymore so I needed to line up babysitters.  Then his therapist went on vacation.  We just went back this week and he remembered quite well that he did not like it there.  I was there with him but I fear he may be traumatized for good.  I am going to try a few more times and then we may just have to go a different direction. 

We had a therapy play date with another little guy with down syndrome who is a month older than the boys this week.  I LOVED meeting him and he was such a charming little guy!  He was a speed crawler and I was amazed at his agility.  I think the therapist was afraid it might make me sad to see him moving so good when Bunny isn't but all I kept thinking was "What would I do if Bunny could move like that?  I would be going insane trying to keep track of both boys everyday!"

I also need to add that Baby may have a future in therapy.  She loved meeting the boy and was so sweet and patient and helpful with him.  He kept pulling her hair and she woud just say "Uh oh he is pulling my hair again" and not totally freak out.  She was showing him tricks and following him around to keep him safe.  It completely melted my heart to see her like that.

I know I have been a terrible blogger but I am letting myself just try to enjoy the summer.  I almost never get a chance to get my camera out and then even if I do I forget to upload the pictures.  When my dad saw on Facebook that I mentioned I took pictures yesterday he suggested I update the blog. Since my parents took the girls overnight I figured it was the least I could do!  And now off to swim with the girls.....

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  1. Both your boys are doing great! I love seeing them together. They will have so much fun growing up together:)


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