Ahhh Summer

Most people look forward to summer.  Vacations, swimming, barbecues...  I wish!  While everyone is posting vacation photos from glorious tropical locations on Facebook I am jealously looking on while I answer my phone and hear that Daddy "is going to be home late" again.  Saturdays are mostly work days too. 

While we are greatful for the work and extra income it is a total bummer that the busy season is when the kids are off and the weather is so nice.  We really are trying to make the best of it though.  This has been our life for the last 5 years so we are getting used to it.  I'm hoping that when the boys get a little older we can do more "mom adventures".

In the meantime...

On Friday our excitement was going to two different parks in one day.  Sounds thrilling right?  For my girls who usually only wander as far as the backyard... it was.  Where did my unusual bravery come from?  The knowledge that my parents were bringing dinner and I wouldn't have to try to whip something up when we were all exhausted and hot (my least favorite hour of the day.  I call it crazy hour)

The other reason it was exciting was we went to two parks that we never go to.  I'm a creature of habit and when I find what I like I stick to it.  I thought it was time to venture out. It was like my own personal "extreme parking" adventure.  (For the record..I am a total park mom and before the boys were born we would go to the park almost every day during the summer.  It's just too hard with the boys)

Mom.  How am I ever going to get a tan?
See ya mom!
Classic.  Baby being goofy.  Boogie being huggy/borderline smothery.  Buddy being busy.  Bunny licking Boogie's hair.

The first park was lacking in shade but had lots of fun things for the kids to do.  Bunny enjoyed a nice shady spot on the structure and then the grass when my nerves couldn't take it anymore.  Buddy just enjoyed running in the outdoors.  The major plus to this park was a fence around the perimeter.  The major downside was a group of "shadies" who I'm pretty sure were "transacting" on the benches not too far away (although outside of the fence).  When they let their pitbull off the leash we were out of there.

The second park adventure was after naptime.  It was a crazy hot day and this park also offered a little shade.  There was not a person in site at this park.  My major downside here was that it was right up against the hills and they are building which makes me think that creatures are being misplaced.  Rattlesnakes anyone?  Fortunately we did not see one but I was so paranoid that I half had my self convinced that I heard a rattle when I put my purse in the car and had to carefully check it.  Yes I am neurotic.  Don't even get me started about squirells.....

I love it when I push myself to do more than we usually do and it is a great experience. 

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