A Must Have

When Baby was born, the woman that was watching Boogie two times a week while I worked, gifted us the above video.  I have no idea how she knew that we needed this video so much but we did!  It was Baby's own baby crack.  The few nights I had to spend on the couch with her because she was in teething misery this video SAVED us.  It instantly calmed her.  It was also a great rest time dvd because the songs are all peaceful worship songs and there are lots of kids to watch. (It's Baby Einstein like but with more faces)  It always set the tone in the house.

The videos are older and there aren't a ton on Amazon but if you like worship music (sung by adults not kids) then you might want to give these videos a try. 

When the boys were born I bought another copy of My Father's World because ours was scratched to death.  When we watched them again I remembered that there are a few kiddos that look like our Bunny on the video which we all loved. 

The girls are out with daddy today so I put it on for the boys to settle them before nap time and I remembered how much I love this song:

It makes me cry every time.  It is my theme song.  May I always remember to be thankful. 

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